Sunday, December 28, 2008


‘So after the good and the bad came the … actually it wasn’t that ugly. It wasn’t that pretty either …’

As you may be aware it’s been over two weeks since my last blog (except that from earlier today ;) and above is as far as I got following the Derby match. Since that draw snatched from the jaws of victory, we’ve lost to Narwch and drawn (2-2 at home again) to Rangers and losing to Sheffield United. Plenty has happened worldwide and in my own little world including seeing temps come and go and I’ve even had my first (and probably last) trip on the famous Valley Express. Now with Parkinson at the helm until another bleeding ‘strategic review’ at the beginning of January we await the next bout of ins and outs. However there’s some questions bashing around inside my noggin …

If the board have carried out so many strategic reviews and need to keep doing it again aren’t they getting it wrong? (I’m not blaming them as we have (had) one of the best around - but why dress it up – just make a bloody decision and appoint someone)
If Parkinson was given the opportunity to prove himself with results – surely he hasn’t so we’ll get someone new?
Who is making the decisions about players coming and going? A temp manager or the board? Either way it’s time to rip it up and start again … get the new man in pronto and let him start making the decisions now. We have (almost) half a season to go and a decent group of players for this level (even without all the temps) so the right man has the time and resources to turn things around – I just hope he, whoever he may be (and I’ll add Ince to my list of definite nos!), arrives sooner rather than later – Coooome on you board!!! You’ve had some time to sort it – now do it, please!

A short rambling today after such absence with which I’ll leave you with a snippet from a somewhat surreal evening I had recently which included a short conversation with fellow Addick Gary Bushell who in a moment reminiscent of the famous quote about George Best asked me (in similar wording) where did it all go wrong? We shared a shrug of the shoulders and carried on the evening … now Charlton need to start again rather than carry on regardless.


Anonymous said...

Strategic review - simple. We are going in the wrong direction - we have got rid of the previous organ grinder, remove the monkey and find a new organ grinder pdq!

Now if I was a consultant I could charge a fortune for that.

Anonymous said...

Listen 2D&P we're all depressed, it's no reason to hide away.
'Come back and finish what you started'

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................