Sunday, December 28, 2008


‘So after the good and the bad came the … actually it wasn’t that ugly. It wasn’t that pretty either …’

As you may be aware it’s been over two weeks since my last blog (except that from earlier today ;) and above is as far as I got following the Derby match. Since that draw snatched from the jaws of victory, we’ve lost to Narwch and drawn (2-2 at home again) to Rangers and losing to Sheffield United. Plenty has happened worldwide and in my own little world including seeing temps come and go and I’ve even had my first (and probably last) trip on the famous Valley Express. Now with Parkinson at the helm until another bleeding ‘strategic review’ at the beginning of January we await the next bout of ins and outs. However there’s some questions bashing around inside my noggin …

If the board have carried out so many strategic reviews and need to keep doing it again aren’t they getting it wrong? (I’m not blaming them as we have (had) one of the best around - but why dress it up – just make a bloody decision and appoint someone)
If Parkinson was given the opportunity to prove himself with results – surely he hasn’t so we’ll get someone new?
Who is making the decisions about players coming and going? A temp manager or the board? Either way it’s time to rip it up and start again … get the new man in pronto and let him start making the decisions now. We have (almost) half a season to go and a decent group of players for this level (even without all the temps) so the right man has the time and resources to turn things around – I just hope he, whoever he may be (and I’ll add Ince to my list of definite nos!), arrives sooner rather than later – Coooome on you board!!! You’ve had some time to sort it – now do it, please!

A short rambling today after such absence with which I’ll leave you with a snippet from a somewhat surreal evening I had recently which included a short conversation with fellow Addick Gary Bushell who in a moment reminiscent of the famous quote about George Best asked me (in similar wording) where did it all go wrong? We shared a shrug of the shoulders and carried on the evening … now Charlton need to start again rather than carry on regardless.


... I'm still bloody waiting!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So after section 4 of the mental health act comes section 2 (which issupposed to mke sense to the sain) and after the nigels (and uncle les) comes parky (or Jack as I like to call him). But what comes after that? More Phil? Paulo? Keano? Well I'm waiting to hear and am glad I used what little sense I had about me to resist full on endorsement for Parkinson to be named permanent manager. After the lord mayors show came - well, another two defeats. I know the saints match wasn't the resounding victory we all crave but boy was it a million times better than most of the gruel we've been served up over recent times. Contrast that with the dross we witnessed for large parts of the coventry match and it almost makes you feel like I'm not the only schizophrenic around here. Nor me.

There were several times, most noticeably at set pieces where the 'team' (or at least elements of it) didn't seem to know what was going on. The vastly improved style of football and team work from less than two weeks ago had disappeared. But why? I honestly don't know and my recent sabbatical has left me lacking in updates from fellow bloggers, forums and professional journalism alike. I'm serious when I ask what the feck is happening at Charlton?
I know I've said the board need to take time to make the right decision and I stand by that sentiment. I just hope they don't leave it too long - we need to know who will be leading us through the next stage of the REDVOLUTION and out of this mess.
As far as individuals are concerned there are a few who deserve special mention in (anti) despatches but I'll limit my targets to Cranie (please let's just get rid now regardless of loan period, who's paying his wages and whatever the deal was with 'Arry - the bloke's a lazy liability and I'm fed up with the sight of him, particularly when rentokil or Jose could do a far better job) and Bailey (the once promising ginger ninja doesn't seem to have managed the step up and whilst playing in a poor team obviously doesn't help he doesn't seem to be able to buy a pass - an old golf buddy of mine once offered wise advise when asking me what percentage of short putts settle in the hole? The answer of course is nil and that applies with football too - Bailey's passing seems to have been hit hard by the credit crunch). I could go on about others but I won't for now, except to sadly admit that even 2DAP's favourite Portuguese seems to be witnessing a dramatic downturn in form too.

One player who can hold his head up high in my opinion is Matt Holland whose tireless working may now lack the mileage of his Ipswich (and early Charlton) days but his intelligence makes up for this. As someone who thought he was possibly surplus to requirements a couple of years back I freely acknowledge I was wrong -although I still don't see him as a regular in the first eleven (unless we drop) his influence on and off the pitch is highly valuable, particularly in current climes. Add to his play his leadership and I wonder how worse (if possible) we might be without him. On that note I've held off commenting on a couple of things I've noticed over recent months for fear of being tarred (albeit correctly) as being a blinkered nigel hater. Well I'm guilty (just ask me who my least favoured five teams are and it'll explain ;-) and here's my latest rant why we should have little to do with anything or anyone ever associated with them tossers. In recent times I've noticed on more than one occasion that after the poncey pre-match handshakes our current skipper buggers off to do whatever he does. This has left a group of young mascots (I've preached on the virtues of our next generation of Addicks and will do so again!) Standing around looking lost - until Sir Matt steps in that is. Not his job anymore you know but still there to help when others fail. The other thing is the attitude of hudson during games when his head has dropped but there's Matty running, clapping and shouting to get the boys going again - particularly noticeable after letting in a goal (there's been plenty) and multiplied in the last match of pardew's reign (or should that be shower). Give the armband to Mr Holland on the way out - let his opus continue?

Anyway, I want to know what's going on with my team and its manager as its not looking particularly rosey at present and I really don't fancy writing 'third division and less proud than I used to be' next season.

So it's time for my medication and hopefully when the doctor sees what I've been up to he'll let me stay at home - see doc, back to my normal drunken incoherent negative ramblings - I'm OK really.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Pride in the red shirt and Kinsella warm ups
Pre kick off huddles and friends with whom to sup
When the covered end stands up and sings
These are a few of my favourite things

Slick and smart passing with movement off the ball
Managers shouting but still looking quite cool
Fast footed wide men who even swap wings
These are a few of my favourite things

Clean sheets from Weaver and a 4-4-2 formation
Temps who immediately exceed expectations
A manager understanding where our club has been
These are a few of my favourite things

When the scum fight
When the nigels sing
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don’t feel so mad

(2DAP is currently unavailable to write his usual post match blog having unfortunately been detained under section 4 of the Mental Health Act 1983. Apparently he returned home on Saturday night claiming to have actually enjoyed the match at the Valley. His family felt this behaviour to be most out of recent character and the authorities have, after due diligence agreed with them. The latest news via REDVOLUTION towers is that his condition has not altered since then and he will be closely observed for the remainder of the legal 72 hour period. We hope a full and swift recovery will not be too far away so that normal service can be resumed.)

Friday, November 28, 2008


Whether you are a fully paid up card carrying member of the REDVOLUTION, whether you wanted pardew gone but were not up for the beard and beret, whether you thought he seemed like a nice man who needed some more time, whether you were his illegitimate love child – it doesn’t matter now - he’s gone. It doesn’t even matter who you want as the next manager (and I’ve left nobody guessing as to my preference – and added another couple of random comments below). We are all Charlton and for the tomorrows match at least Mr Branning is in charge* so there is no point at this point in debating previous managers’ merits or otherwise. I’m sure there will be a few curious walk-ups wanting to see the caretaker’s first (and maybe only) home game, and maybe even some of the errant season ticket holders returning. I’m even sure that the crowd will get together and behind the temp and his temps – won’t they? I hope so – COME ON YOU REDS!!!

(* Mr Brannings temporary team leadership at Charlton Athletic Football Club is subject to all usual terms and conditions plus the assumptions that Walford police will not need his presence for assistance in ongoing investigations or Mr Curbishley does not arrive on a white stallion before tomorrow’s kick off)

I’m hopeful that the central midfield partnership used on Tuesday will continue and that Racon and Semedo will prove to be the engine room pushing us forward to our first win in what seems like an eternity. I’m predicting a 2-0 home win for the reds.

Interesting to see yesterday that the caretakers odds had shortened considerably whilst Curbishley was drifting further out ?!? ;-)

Paulo DiCanio - What can I say? Class, enthusiasm, contacts, passion, passion and more passion!

Gus Poyet - looks and talks the part!
Dennis Wise - may well come with Poyet in tow and would probably divide support

John Gregory - erm, that’s just plain wrong!
Steve Gritt - great servant, but not now surely!

PS - Don’t forget the FA Cup 3rd round draw @ 14:15 on Sunday
PPS - Thanks to Chicago Addick for sharing this sad news regarding one of my boyhood heroes, Nicky Johns. As I've already commented, I will always remember Johns as one of my boyhood favourites and had the pleasure to briefly meet him as a kid - a true gent he was too. I know it's been said a million times but news like this really does put on the field struggles into perspective and I'm sure many will agree that our thoughts are with Nicky and his family at this difficult time!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Couldn’t get much worse could it? Another defeat, 21st out of 22 in the league, 1 point off rock bottom, more goals shipped than any other team in div 2, ex manager going to take a big pay out just before Christmas and the Jan sales (which will be more like us having a sale than visiting one), caretaker manager might go down for running over his brother Max ... sorry I can’t go on ...

Oh yes you can! (it is pantomime season after all – cue more jokes)
This is Charlton after all and this is when we’re at our best isn’t it? Backs to the wall with a big pile of shit facing us. So we lost last night? So what! Did you really expect Mr Branning to turn it around in his first match? The REDVOLUTION has started so let's give him (and the board) time. He made some changes to personnel, attitude, formation etc and the performance was by all accounts an improvement on what we’ve recently witnessed – and remember he’s only babysitting (for the time being at least). I’m looking at this as a window of opportunity. We can bring in a new (or maybe old ;-) manager (and I’m not ruling out the caretaker or our last decent manager at the moment), ship out some of the wasters come January, bring in a few fresh faces who want to fight for their place, blood some of the youngsters we have and turn this whole mess round. Why? Because we are Charlton, Super Charlton and this is the light that never goes out.
The board have done the right thing and got rid of bloody pardew, installed a sensible interim option and will now be working damned hard to get it right for the first time since Lwellyn took over all those years ago. I for one appreciate there will be no instant fix and whatever happens on Saturday we will get out of this - together!!!

Whilst writing, thought I’d add a comment on a few more of the names being bandied around to (possibly) take over from the caretaker on a full time basis ...

Paulo DiCanio - What can I say? Class, enthusiasm, contacts, passion, passion and more passion!

Mark Bowen - Able assistant and ex Addick – may be able to make the step up?
Glen Hoddle - I know this would be a popular appointment with some but I guess he’d want a salary even bigger than his ego

Keith Peacock - great servant, but not now
Lawrie Sanchez - so uninspiring I’m falling asleep just thinki.....................

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Or can you? Well some areas of the blogscene, media et al are tipping Mr Curbishley for a return to SE7 – whether it be in a temp / permanent / director of football / king of the world role or whatever! I’m not sure about that but I have started to put together a list of those candidates I would / wouldn’t give my vote to. I know I don’t get a vote but others have / will put cases for / against far more elequantly than I – anyway the REDVOLUTION manifesto is underway so why would the board not take heed with regards to this MOST important decision? Trouble is, I ended up with a list of about 50 names I’m currently undecided about. As the Beautiful South once sang ‘I need a little time’. I hope the board take a little time – to get it right 4th time lucky? I’m sure there’s miwwions of names I’ve not even thought of through various reasons but here’s a few of my thoughts!

Before starting the list however, I hear we have signed Bobby Gillespie on loan from Primal Scream – thought we’d had enough of that at the Valley for a while haven’t we?

Paulo DiCanio - What can I say? Class, enthusiasm, contacts, passion, passion and more passion!

Jorge Costa - The tank was a favourite at the Valley but has he really proved himself? Could add contacts, European style and much needed grit(t) to the proceedings
Alan Curbishley - Sometimes it’s best not to go back to an old job (as I know from personal experience)
Billy Davies - wouldn’t the previous events put him / us off?
Darren Ferguson - proving himself so far, could make the step up – and just think of the loanees we could get from daddy (oops sorry, forgot I don’t like temps for a second there ;-)
Mark Kinsella - I absolutely love this fella but don’t believe now is the right time for him or us, sorry Mark but I hope whoever takes control has room for him
Phil Parkinson - But which Phil Parkinson will we get? And is he tarnished by the pardew regime?
Chris Powell - Untested (at any level / position) but one of the characters missing from the modern game – would be a wow with fans – I’d have him in my dream team assisting Paulo
Bryan Robson - has had mixed success since hanging up his Captain Marvel boots

Sam Allardyce - great background / technical set up but lacking style – besides which we couldn’t afford him or his huge backroom staff
Aidy Boothroyd - like watching Watford? Me neither
Mark Robson - again not proven at any level, and certainly doesn’t have the same crowd draw as Powell / Kinsella
Anyone with any association with the nigels – please not again!

Oh yeah, that small matter of an away trip to play Rangers (and there is only one as far as I’m concerned) – I’m predicting a 2-1 defeat as I believe it may take a while before the much needed and expected upturn starts – Paulo’s home wasn’t built in a day and at least the REDVOLUTION has started in earnest – Come on U Reds!!!!!!!!
PS - Good luck Phil!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Phew ... where to begin? So many titles came to mind for this blog but in the end I’ve plumed for the above – too bloody long in the making but finally here – Ladies and Gentlemen, The REDVOLUTION is alive and well in Sarf East London.

I’m not going to dwell on the match too long as we all know what a(nother) horror that was. I must admit I just dozed off on the journey home and even Take That night on the X-Factor and plenty of cheap (but strong) lager, whilst bringing a couple of smiles to my face, couldn’t bring me out of the trance I was in. Then I checked my phone which had rudely been beeping away in an attempt to interrupt Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard – pardew had left. At this point I didn’t know how, why or even whether it was true or not but by the time I logged onto t’internet the Beeb confirmed it (although the fact that I couldn’t get onto the OS – presumably due to volume of traffic – almost did the job). How do I feel? I must admit there’s no joyous relief come to me yet – I’m saving that (hopefully) for the announcement of our next permanent manager (and my favourite for the position is no secret ;-) Relief is the word that best describes it – like a once great rock band toiling 17 years to bring an album which can never live up to the hype, it’s here – or rather he isn’t.

The way I write my post weekend match blog is pretty standard - I normally get a few beers down my neck on a Sunday night and start hammering at the typewriter (oops – keyboard) with gay abandon and then post whatever drivel has come out of my fingers – and yes before you say it I know I’m no Oscar Wilde, but my therapist says it’s better for me that the drugs and alcohol so here I am. I rarely read any reports and never read any other blogs before posting, safe in the knowledge that the opinions I offer are genuinely mine – not curried by having read the far superior intellect or wit of some more esteemed bloggers amongst us. It’s been pointed out to me that I rarely use spellchecker and that’s correct – it just doesn’t seem that important when my Italian friend Signori Peroni is with me. However, I had already decided on the way home on Saturday to treat my post match blog in a different way to usual. The events of Saturday night had tempted me to change that approach and post haste but I decided to stick by my original plan of action.

I first stated I thought we should change the manager in my October 1st post (after shamefully losing to the nigels) and two days later christened the revolution before continuing with the name change (or was that another drunken typo?). Others joined willingly, in particular Pedro 45 (who offers amongst the very best of the Charlton blogs around) who breathed new life into it and brought its attention to a far wider audience. Some joined and left whilst others still would not be drawn into the ‘gorilla’ operation. Well ladies and gentlemen, wherever you stood shall be remembered when the bullets are handed out but for now an amnesty is declared in the spirit of democracy – after all we’re not fascists (or are we?). I’ve decided this week to read a few other blogs before posting so that I could see what others are thinking about this important time for the club – after all, the REDVOLTION was never intended for a small few – it’s for all of us Addickted – and those saucepan lids which will hopefully follow us for years to come ...

Comrade Daggs’ (for whose patronage and comments I am truly grateful) comment was the first thing I read after the match as his 5:28PM comment hit my blackcurrant on the way home ...
Open the Doors. "this is the end" - Indeed sir - but an end is required for a new start

Blackheath Addicted obviously got online before the news and asked ‘can pardew suffice this?’ whilst giving his highest mark (8/10) to REDVOLUTION hero Semedo. Response (at the time of writing is mixed regarding Jose and RS said ‘I don’t envy whoever has the job of sorting out this mess’

A Red Divided came back after a few weeks off due to work commitments to state that ‘pardew’s position is untenable’ continuing that ‘he looks short of ideas and the team look short of confidence, leadership and inspiration’

All Quiet In The East Stand almost waited until after the news and noted ‘some fans say pardew sarcastically applauded the home fans after he trudged off following his worst ever defeat at Charlton’ before ending with the mason chipping out his tombstone

Deepest Darkest noted that ‘over 300 fans gathered behind the West Stand demanding that alan pardew be sacked’ and that there was an ‘emergency board meeting in progress’

All Quiet In The East Stand was back on line again to confirm the news that not only had pardew left but Phil Parkinson ‘will be in charge for the game at QPR on Tuesday, to which he ‘might even o to Loftus Road now’. The responses started with ‘fucking hope so’, ‘get this twat out!’ before referring to the booing of ‘that CU Next Tuesday’ in the dugout’ Strong response indeed – and at last some might say

New York Addick was first to ask about a successor – but I’m not going to go there today, aside from being pleased with his mention of a certain Italian ex of ours for whom I admittedly have more than a passing admiration for.

The oft thought provoking intelligence of Wyn Grant thanked pardew for what he ‘tried to do’ whilst referring to his ‘ironic wave at the booing Covered End’ along with mentions of the emergency meetings (and Keith Peacock’s alleged involvement) as well as some ‘inside’ information on who will be the next full time occupant of our home dug out before expressing opinions including ‘that they (the players) are (talented)’. As usual Wyn draws some good feedback so please check out his page if you haven’t already.

Pedro 45 takes the comical approach of a letter penned by Waghorn in which he rightly points out that ‘when I finally got a touch of the ball, I did lay on the second Charlton goal’ – from the rest it’s difficult to pick the best as it’s just had me laughing for quite a while – so again I recommend you visit a blog far superior to this twaddle.

Within half an hour Pedro returned with the gem ‘The simple facts are that he lost the dressing room, lost the fans, and lost all semblance of hope when he just wouldn’t stop tinkering with the team every week, and then came out with a host of excuses that blamed everyone and everything apart from himself.’ I couldn’t have put it better myself – seriously I could have only tried.

Chicago Addick put it that pardew’s reign ‘had the great potential to be an exciting new act in the club's history but sadly instead turned into an ugly horror show’ before adding that ‘the board has made the right decision, but the next decision will be the hardest of all’ – here, here CA but who do you mean when you say ‘Let the rumours begin but please not another ex-West Ham manager’ – ‘Arry (who is the inspiration behind the creation of this blog) isn’t going to leave tottingham for us surely?

Fittingly Frankie Valley finished the night of with such gems as ‘Pards is free to go watch some proper football. Pards - you are one lucky, lucky, BASTARD.’ Before raising the next big debate of ‘So who will be the next lamb to the slaughter Charlton manager then?’ Indeed Frankie that is what we are all wondering.

There have been more postings today, coupled with extensive media coverage, and I apologise for not mentioning them all, as I also apologise for not writing a ‘proper’ blog and rather (unoriginally) pinching bits from others – a bit like when the writers of shows like friends can’t come up with that next story, they do a flashback episode where all but 2 minutes are just ‘borrowed’ along the way.

On the OS pardew called it ‘bloody awful’ and for more times than I care to remember, I again agree with the words of others – perhaps we will all become united now?

1 pardew out (check!)

1 Action mission statement (see above)
2 Replace aforementioned manager with the legendary Paulo DiCanio (open to debate in the coming days – to which I will obviously add my two lires worth)
3 National recognition of the Real Second Division table (well Reuters and have referred to us as a Second Division team so I think we’re on our way here)
4 Gillian Anderson to be put in charge of forming cheerleader team (time to get serious!)
5 Get Jose Semedo in the team – every week! (check!)
6 Reinstate the Junior Reds (come on fans forum – time to pull your finger out ;-)

You see from the above we can make a difference, so I’m going to finish by adding point 7 (and I’m open to suggestions) ...
7 “WE WANT OUR CHARLTON BACK” (I think we’ve started that but the fight is far from over – let’s all keep together on this one – please)


Friday, November 21, 2008


So we're back at the Valley after a couple of weks off and let's hope things are a bit better than the last few home performances. Hopefully the 'improved' away performances (if not actual results - and that's what will count come May), the installation of the centre peg that is Senhor Semedo and the introduction of Mackam Waghorn will lead to a long overdue victory and that's what I'm predicting for tomorrow. Despite the steel city's second finest being placed for a play off beth, I'm going for a 2-0 win with Waghorn netting both. He's going to play isn't he? Otherwise why bring him in? I'm still waiting for the other 3 loanees (although overall I hope they don't arrive) we were promised some week ago but then maybe pardew ment four limbs - not loans? Anyone's guess really where he's concerned.

Another draw or defeat and his position will become ever more tentative - another win and the fickle amongst us will be cheering SAP again - not I!

THE REDVOLUTION IS FOR REAL - sack the manager!

Meanwhile, rather than writing more than the brief rambling above, like many others on Charlton Life, I've been captivated by these Zahada riddles - don't click on the link unless you have lots of free time :-(

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We're Horny!

So we have signed an inexperienced 18 year old striker as the solution to our woes! I knw there's a lot of antipathy about this but with limited options I have to say I like this move - yes I'm actually agreeing with pardew. Not calling off the REDVOLUTION yet but I think this guy could help us get out of the mire. Let's be honest Varney is hardworking but isn't getting the goals he once got for Crewe, Gray is inconsistent at best, Toddy (much as I'd love to see him fit and dictating attacks) is far from fit and not utilised to his best in our style of play (sound familiar?) and then there's a lot of lower league players I won't go through now but obviously with varying degrees of ability but none of which the manager seems to have sufficient belief in. So here we have the next rooney strutting his stuff at the Valley. No league goal yet - don't worry, he's our man - sure to keep us up (at least until Keane calls him back to try and keep Sunderland up). Seriously I do think this is a good move, partly as this guy will come in fresh, wanting to prove himself and free from the recent morale / confidence problems at the club. Therefore his first couple of games will be key that he doesn't get suked into the abyss - start him on Saturday and the week after pardew - his first couple of games are key - for him, you and all of us.

More loans are promised and although I'll go with the above I really don't agree with tem in principal. Martyn Waghorn coming in as an 'emergency loan' makes a mockery of the rules (as did Gray's 'loan' last season). I'll wait and see who we bring in before adding to that debate.

Meanwhile in other second division news all our remaining representatives have been drawn against first division 'giants' in the quarter finals with Burnley and Watford at home to north Londons arse-nal and tottingham respectively, whilst Derby have a winable trip to Stoke City. As Curbs always said 'a first division club will probably win this' - he was usually right but don't stop trying guys.

I'll sign off with this interesting snippet from the BBC that 'Birmingham City full-back Nicky Hunt admits that Alex McLeish's half-time team talk had a big say in Saturday's victory over Charlton at St Andrew's.' Somehow it appears that whilst our current manager doesn't have sufficient belief in the large roup of strikers he's bought to the club (or many others judging by the number of loanees already here and arriving soon) - and some might say that some players, fans etc don't have sufficient faith in our manager. I'm not a big McLeish fan but I think it would be nice to have a manager who could inspire a win through his half time team talk, rather than standing with crossed arms, head in hand (umbrella al?) or leaving it to Matt Holland. Anyone got Paulo's number?


Monday, November 17, 2008


Well I quite like it at least. Have to say that the commentary wasn’t bad (certainly better than the silence I’ve been living with as I dwell in an area where I cannot get suitable reception of either Radio London or Kent when required), the streaming kept coming without interruption – the only down point I’d say is the delay (about 2 minutes?) that meant that having Sky Sports News on the TV whilst listening to the Charlton commentary may be avoided in the future. Not sure why it’s called CAFCTV as it’s an internet service not television but then people call pardew a ‘manager’ so I suppose it’s media poetic licence. Due to travel commitments I’ve not had a chance to savour more than a couple of minutes of the press conference but will undoubtedly be visiting often. To the people who have made this happen – salut! – Much needed and looking good in its infancy.

Onto the match and I’m going to chuck in as many positives as I can because I don’t want to keep sounding pessimistic ... we’re at last scoring goals – 4 away from home in the last 2 matches – Semedo seems to have finally been given the starting berth he’s long deserved and MC Hammer has finally hit the target, which will hopefully give him some confidence – which is sadly lacking generally amongst our troops (and certainly their general) at the moment. We’ve been in the lead in both of the two away matches but squandered this on both occasions. The few teams below us are even starting to pick up points. Sorry I couldn’t keep it up long. I still believe we need a change at the helm and using the excuse of ‘tough’ away matches, an unfit, past his prime temp not being available – or whatever the excuse is at the moment – is not going to wash come May. Change is needed sooner than later – we have more ‘tough’ matches approaching fast. If you want to put it one way – every match is tough as most teams are currently higher than us in the league. However, I believe that the squad we have at the valley is (on paper) one of the best in the second division and if utilised to its capabilities would be nowhere near the predicament we currently possess. There are many, many reasons why I (and a lot of others) believe pardew should go and to repeat them every week is a pointless exercise. To make it known that these feelings are not going away is neither pointless nor producing the required results at present but I believe in what I say so simply (again) ...
pardew out
Hopefully those who can actually make the change will do so, if not for the disgruntled fans or because of our rantings – but for the club itself and because of what’s (not) happening on the pitch!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ho Hum Silver

So the loan arranger has done it again - or rather he hasn't! We'll have new faces in for Plymouth - except we didn't! They'll be here in time for Brum - or not! Don't get me wrong, I don't think loans are the answer (and I don't think many do) - rather get someone to 'manage' the team, ie use the resources to their best potential though organisation, motivation etc - that's what 'managing' is about isn't it. Come the REDVOLUTION, come a real Manager!

But why oh why does the current position holder insist on blowing hot air all the time? If you say something, like I will sign someone this week, you've got to be able to back it up with action - particularly in these media frenzied days. If you're unsure SHUT UP! (please do) The Charlton way would be that of mysterious silence until something was a done deal when they could announce with gusto and fact - earning respect at the same time - but not any more, now we are dazzled with the oft not followed through claims of team changes / loans etc on a weekly basis. Another point of management is if you say you're going to do something - do it - or you'll lose the respect of your team - sound familiar?
Anyway, according to the OS, we've given up on trying to win (which is no surprise really) and are this Saturday are looking for a 'favourable result'. Well I'm epecting us to getthumped 3-0 although a 'favourable result' would be pardew to resign and the boys to run out 3-0 winners but thenI'm clearly delusional. Have a favourable weekend fellow Addickted.


Thursday, November 13, 2008


League Cup congrats to our second division 'chums' Derby (who beat Leeds), Watford (who have gained a bye into the next round) and in particular Burnley who stunned the mighty chelski with a penalty win (sound familiar?) - Commiserations to QPR who were defeated at Old Trafford
That's it really - if you think I'm going into in depth analysis over games that don't involve Charlton forget it - I'm struggling to get the excitement going when we play at the moment. Perhaps someone in a high up place heeding the REDVOLUTION and getting rid of the fella pardew would help (us all). Anyway there will be 3 second division teams in the last 8 so lets see how they get on.

Other news about CAFCTV (at last) is warmly welcomed at REDVOLUTION towers - although the limit to use only at 2 IP addresses may be problematic for anyone (like me) who would wish to use the service in a variety of locations. No new loan signings? (phew!).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


OK so we might not have the distraction ourselves but I cannot let it go without note that some of those amongst us will be performing this week. Sorry, I don't mean my felow bloggers but our colleagues of the second division as QPR travel to Manu, Derby entertain Leeds and Burnley travel to Chelsea in round four of what I know as the English League Cup. Well done on getting further than the rest of us guys, show the 'big boys' there's life outside the first division won't you?

Meanwhile Mr Ambrose has left for a temporary (yeah, right!) trip back to Ipswich and I have to admit I have mixed feelings about this. I think he's quite a gifted footballer who I was genuinely pleased to sign but ... never lived up to his potential - at least not on a consistent basis, partly due to us rarely playing to his strengths (ala Big Chris etc) by various managers. I know he has his knockers ;-) but I hope he does well up there and shows what he can really do.

Can't post without mentioning the REDVOLUTION - it's not going away guys - we need a change at the helm if we're going to get out of this mess and I'm not prepared to sit on my hands and accept it. pardew has to go soon before it's too late - simple as! If you don't agree fair enough - but don't complain and blame the manager when we get relegated.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well we got a bloody point didn’t we? Didn’t expect that did you? Me neither. Hell most newspapers even claim we’re out of the relegation places (wrongly – as the real second division table (right) shows). So let’s dance in the streets - interest rates are down, Charlton are staying up, Take That have a new record coming out, we’re all saved - pardew is the new messiah. Well maybe not the last one but let’s savour the (small) moment and see what happened. I’m sure many others will go into more in depth, analytical, intellectual details than a stoopid sod like me could ever contemplate so here it is in the dumbed down version.
Semedo started and we got an away point against play off challengers Plymouth. For this I take full credit as it is the REDVOLUTION in my head which believes he should be in the side every week. No he’s not God but guess what? He’s bloody good at what he does (that may not be spectacular or everyone’s cup of tea – but bloody effectual) and consistent. That’s the key – he’s bloody consistent, reliable, whatever you want to call it – you can call on him. Sound like anything else going on in SE7 these days? Not on your nelly so let’s stick with him and see where we can build up to – Jose the REDVOLUTION salutes you.
As for pardew – well if his ‘thorough planning’ consists of nicking ideas of an young upstart blog written by an old piss head like me then he has yet again show how bloody useless he is – and he must go – soon.

The real reason for the song inspired title this week is a personal one – although it has a vague Charlton link. I’ve been working away from home for a while now on what can in football language be compared to a loan period. In other words, by bringing me in my boss has shown complete lack of belief in those already there, my colleagues don’t really want me there, the fans don’t really want me there, I know it’s not a long term prospect, I’m overweight and unfit, not giving my all – oops sorry meant to be talking about me not football loans ;-) Anyway on Friday afternoon I left the office early to attend an interview for a company within walking distance of my house. Nerves were building on the long journey home but – a mere couple of hundred yards away from the place – I passed an ex Charlton first teamer (identities will be withheld to protect the innocent). The nerves left and my current constant vitriol flooded out of my body as a rare smile came across my face. I spent the last seconds walking to the interview thinking of this Charlton legend and happier days at the Valley, went in a great mood with no last chance for last chance nerves and blitzed it – job offer there and then, thank you very much! So I’ll be handing in my notice on Monday and starting to work on the all important ‘work life balance’ everyone’s talking about these days. Aside from sharing my joyous news I do have a point – I was uplifted by the mere fleeting presence of a man I don’t even know personally. Yet we have a squad of players clearly playing below both their individual and team capabilities – makes you wonder doesn’t it? (If not - I don’t care, I got me a new job :-)

Friday, November 7, 2008


Well ... any ideas? No, me neither! 'We' have a new liberal (and let's not forget African American) President Elect in the US [which means he's basically the big boss for us too ;-)] but not a lot else is changing :-(
We still have 'sooper' (definately not my word - ever) alan pardew at the helm of our beloved football team, we've not been sold to zillionaires, the playing staff is still the same (despite being told otherwise) and ... hang on, I can notice a change - which has to stop!
Some quarters are going soft on our (present) guv'nor - now is not the time for this and even if he does turn things around (and I have to admit I'd love to see us win the next 3,000 games let alone 3 - but can't see either happening even with whatever new hope Mr Obama brings the world) temporarily that's really the best he can hope for - He must go and ASAP - weeks ago in my opinion because every day, every week he carries on we are moving backwards as a team and as a club.
Come on comrades - are we tottingham ficklespurs fans? No we're bloody Charlton Athletic fans and we stand by our convictions. We wanted the Valley back and we got it, we wanted fans voices to be heard on the board and we got it, we wanted division one football and we got it (occassionally), we wanted 'big name' player and packed houses and we got them - now what do we want?
WE WANT PARDEW OUT!!! and don't you dare forget it young man!!!
On a lighter (?) note we travel SW at the weekend for another expected defeat. I'm fed up of my own pessimism to be honest but can only predict a 2-0 home win (although I pray I'm wrong).
Those making the long journey we salute you - The team we emplore you, come on u reds. I'm praying that at last we'll start to see Semedo taking the central pin role of the team on which we can build with certainty that he will do his job allowing others to do theirs. Martin Luther King had a dream - let's please not lose ours.
You can't join the Junior Reds but you can JOIN THE REDVOLUTION !!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SIT UP !!!

Say it quietly but things are changing. With no disrespect to our US bloggers I’m not talking about the new POTUS / LOTFW (still TBC as I write sitting up [drinking and] watching auntie’s coverage) but about the REDVOLUTION agenda. Now I know Pedro45 will again say that we need to get our mission statement right first but I take some solace (quantum of ? ;-) in the fact that the world is listening to the published manifesto already!

I couldn’t help but notice that within this Reuters link from Addicks Ch********ip Diary (Hope you don’t mind me stealing the link Wyn) this great news institution correctly refers to us as ... get this ... a SECOND DIVISION CLUB !!! (AND PROUD)
Even this Arabian site list the c word in brackets and refer to us as a SECOND DIVISON (AND PROUD) CLUB !!!
With this success I’m afraid I can’t stand still (thanks for the support for the Junior Reds Kings Hill Addick) but that's because I've been drinking Guinness for the last x hours - come on, you must have ideas to add ??
Welcome TJSE7 (as I know him) to the world of the might boosh ... sorry blog!


An update already? Yes, we’re not sitting on our hands here at REDVOLUTION HQ you know, we’ve got strippers to meet the brains out of and berets to sew and sell – and more importantly start again looking after the people who’ll be warming our squares of plastic after we vacate them at the Valley – hence item 6 on the revised manifesto below relating to the saucepans' own Charlton supporters club.

Pedro 45 is, as ever, right - the mission statement is key - and until we live up to our mission statement then nothing else will come to fruition, so here goes ...

1 pardew out
However, I still believe we should be prepared to follow up item 1 when it happens (soon surely)
1 Action mission statement
2 Replace aforementioned manager with the legendary Paulo DiCanio
3 National recognition of the Real Second Division table
4 Gillian Anderson to be put in charge of forming cheerleader team
5 Get Jose Semedo in the team – every week!
6 Reinstate the Junior Reds

I’ll add that, following Frankie & Miss Kish recent writings on what the new fans forum can do, this latest point is for you guys to get your teeth into. Disbanding and reforming the womens team may have been a publicised PR nightmare but when the club decided to stop Junior Reds a couple of years ago it went by largely unnoticed. But now is the time to act – get the Junior Reds back up and running (hell I’m even in the job market if the club want an experienced piss head – sorry, administrative manager to do it for them). Like Whitney I think we should use our long standing position as a leader in the youth stakes to our advantage. That means more to follow Grant Basey, Josh Wright and Jonjo Shelvey into the first team and for my kids and yours to be able to belong to the club we all love from an early age as many before them have – even I was in the junior supporters club (or whatever they called it then) many moons ago.

JOIN THE REDVOLUTION – for the sake of the kids!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Who do you believe?

Just read this interesting snippet in the club bulletin ...

No Charlton move for Campo
Alan Pardew was quick to dismiss media reports linking the Addicks with a move for Ipswich Town midfielder Ivan Campo on Saturday.The Charlton boss said: "Campo was never coming here. That was never a goer."

However, widely quoted is Mr Magilton of Suffolk ...
"Charlton manager Alan Pardew did ask me about Ivan after Tuesday's game having been impressed with his performance in our match at Charlton earlier this month,"

He’s bloody delusional that bloke ... but which one?

JOIN THE REDVOLUTION !!! Where the truth counts.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Not so beautiful friend ... the end!
Surely that’s it isn’t it? After what I can describe (having taken 24 hours to get pissed, calm down, sober up, and analize with a semi sensible head on) as one of the worst performances I have ever seen from Charlton surely we will not be seeing pardew on the Valley touchline any time again. Rumours of a board meeting on Monday are abound and surely that will seal his fate – at bloody last! I’m not going to go into the match (or even the other second division matches) in too much detail but would say that maybe Josh Wright would be one of very few who can hold their head up after that shocker. Maybe he isn’t ready yet but he made some of his more experienced colleagues look like mugs (or do they do that themselves?). No things have moved on since my last post and surely they will move on between my writing this and my next random rambling – with pardew leaving his position? The REDVOLUTION is underway and that is what I’m here to talk about today. Pedro45 is certainly on board and Russell Brand’s got a bit of time on his hand so he’s offered to man the phones – although I’m not sure that’s such a good idea he has got the image and talks about revolution more frequently that I. So to get the ball rolling I’m starting to put together a manifest for the REDVOLUTION. Please feel free to let me know what else should be included as it is after all a cause for all of us Addickted.

1 Removal of pardew as manager of CAFC
2 Replace aforementioned manager with the legendary Paulo DiCanio
3 National recognition of the Real Second Division table
4 Gillian Anderson to be put in charge of forming cheerleader team (I know CND will be with me on this one)
5 Get Jose Semedo in the team – every week!

Come on guys do we want this or not?
JOIN THE REDVOLUTION NOW – it’s a starting!
Welcome to Charlton North Downs and Kings Hill Addick

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Or rather Frankie says what’s happened to the bloody war and, as is occasionally the way with Mr V, he may be right. I myself have been otherwise disposed and have not posted since last Friday due to other commitments. Tonight I’ve cranked up the old babbage to see what’s been happening in my cyber absence and the first thing I read about our beloved CAFC is that ‘it’s all gone quiet over here’. I don’t know how true that is as I haven’t had a chance to read many other blogs yet – I know fellow revolutioniser Russell Brands lying a bit low at the moment but I’ve been on a motorcycle journey with Ewan McGregor only to find out that he’s not hanging out with Che Hales and he’s not even a bloody Jedi Knight after all. Anyway, I’ve grown a beard (sort off), ordered 10,000 berets and printed some t-shirts up as well as some nice flyers. So here it is fellas (and fellees) let’s get the bloody redvolution back on track!

I openly admit that I have never ever liked pardew – never sung ‘super al’ either as a player or manager – and I want him out ASAP. I’ve made it clear who my personal choice would be to replace him but then I’d like to get a wantsome call from Gillian Anderson but I know neither is likely to happen. Whether the next manager is Paulo, Kinsella, Parkinson or FV himself I want Pardew out NOW!!!

FV asked ‘were some of us secretly hoping for a good ol' thrashing on Tuesday night?’ and from my point of view I’d say bloody hell no and anyone who does think like that can line up behind pardew for the guillotine when we take control. I can see Pedro 45 still waving his flag (although no R word in his last post) so everyone get behind the cause – pardew out, pardew out, pardew out!!!

Well now I’ve got my blood pressure up, I’ve updated the real league table for you all – still looks crap doesn’t it? I’ve not had a chance to preview this weekends games but I’ll briefly plum for a 1-2 home defeat – although obviously I hope I’m completely wrong.

Anyway I’m back off to sleep now – might be arsed to have a look online in another week or so ;-)


Friday, October 24, 2008


Oh Lordy – trouble so hard!

Don’t jump Moby! I was here first! So we’re 20th in the second and staring the third in the face and it doesn’t look too pretty does it? Add to that the fact that the men from overseas have taken their money and done a runner and what’s the prognosis Doc? Well a mixed bag of opinions out there so I won’t dwell too much for now but the thing that sticks in my tin pot of a head is that they made an indicative offer which was subject to due diligence – I follow this far. Then due diligence is undertaken with no problems / skeletons etc but they pull out for a load of feeble excuses (in my opinion). They want to invest at home (big change of heart) - Economic crisis (well that was there when you made the dick offer) – View of foreign investors (nothing’s changed in last two weeks) – it doesn’t stack up to me and I’m a bit peeved. Grrr, anger, anger !!!!! Apparently they’re not interested in any other clubs but time will tell? We now need to forget about Parker, Beckham, D Bent et al coming to the valley and see if we can cough up enough to tempt just Paulo (I’ve an ayrton to start the whip off!) ... I mean get on with the relegation battle we’ve found ourselves in. Tomorrow we take on high flying Burnley followed by Ipswich in the week and it’s hard to see many points coming from these two matches.

However I’m predicting a 3-1 win tomorrow (after all Gray normally scores a couple when Burnley visit the Valley) because I’m expecting the fans to react as they have in the past – with a rallying cry that we will not be defeated! We’re not going bust and we’re not going down damn it! We’re ‘plucky’ Charlton and we may not have Houdini at the club anymore but that fighting spirit lives on. I expect the crowd to get behind whatever 11 players step out tomorrow and cheer them on to the start of the recovery.

Or more likely we’ll put in another ‘disfunctional’ (the ‘manager’s word – not mine) performance, lose 2-0 amidst grumblings (Ingerland style) from the off, booing at half / full time and open calls for ‘pardew out!’

... don't nobody know my troubles but God?


Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm gonna jump ...

In case you've not seen this yet ...

Addicks acquisition is off
The board of Charlton Athletic plc was today informed by ZabeelInvestments that it will not be proceeding with the proposed acquisitionof Charlton Athletic plc.Zabeel Investments has informed Charlton that the decision not toproceed was taken on the basis that its focus moving forward will be ondomestic opportunities in Dubai that complement the current ZabeelInvestments portfolio.This, combined with the current debate around foreign ownership offootball clubs and the worsening economic climate in the UK, contributedto the decision by Zabeel to pull out.Furthermore, Zabeel Investments has made it clear to Charlton that thisdecision was not made as a result of any discoveries during the duediligence process.Contrary to press reports, Zabeel Investments has confirmed to Charltonthat it has not approached any other club since it made an indicativeoffer for Charlton on October 10th, not has it authorised any approachon its behalf.



Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, if the money comes in maybe but at the moment it’s looking more like pigmies. (no offence intended to Gary Johnson) I know I love ‘lil old’ Charlton but third division wasn’t quite what I had in mind L I’d much rather love ‘new bigger and better’ Charlton as I said last week. It could have been a bad omen as my train departed London Bridge and I glanced over the shoulder of the young lady next to me to see the TV page in her paper and there he was – hairy Bristolian Justin Lee Collins, not just looking, but beaming back at me with a huge smile. Don’t get me wrong I quite like the guy but all that goes out the window when it’s football and he was clearly taunting me with his knowing smile. ‘You used to be good, but now your shit’ I could almost here him singing from the printed page – as his locals did later on last night. They were right, we used to be good and now we are shit – but then we’ve been shit before and good before that etc etc – and in fact I thought we started off pretty good. A solid formation and players trying to make a fist of it but as soon as a goal goes in the positive attitude the current Charlton manager talks about goes out of the window. Then at half time their guy does his business. He might be small in stature but I’m sure the city team sat up and listened to their boss as they came out and ripped us apart in the second half. Whereas DiCanio’s predecessor ... well who knows? I’m not going into too much detail but I felt Cranie was worse than poor, Bailey clearly not fit and Bouazza for all his running needs to look up / pass / hit the target occasionally. I give credit where it’s due (IMHO) to Luke Varney who chased the cause all night (as usual) and again was victim of his own versatility – but what happens in the West lower? He parries one ball in the wrong direction and gets slated!?! Give the guy a break – we’re all pissed off at the moment but let’s not attack our own players that are doing their job! I have to be honest and say I’m struggling to see where the points – or even goals - are coming from and with games now thick and fast we could slump even closer to the foot (20th now !!!! shitting hell we never saw that coming !!!)
I don’t suppose the board want any managerial uncertainty (ala Geordie Maggots) with an impending takeover but enough is enough – do something before it gets worse. It’s been said elsewhere that Kinsella / Parkinson couldn’t do any worse and I agree – it’s time to START THE REDVOLUTION !!!

PS – Did anyone sky+ Jamie Oliver last night? I wish I’d stayed in as apparently he was cooking roasted par deux duck.
And I’m not mentioning the insult that Leroy Lita scored a hat trick to put Norwich above us – doh!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, well, well ... just over a week ago there was excitement aplenty as we considered whether we would play Ronaldo behind Drogba or out wide in a 4-3-3 when our new team took shape under the influence (or is that just me under the influence?) of Chief Paulo (just me again?). Now w're back to our usual doom and gloom ... ah that's life as an Addict / Addick. All went quiet on the blogs and news regarding our (indicative) friends from the Midle East and now we're back to the beans after the weekends friendly match. But, reading around, nobody seems particularly excited, optomistic, bothered, whatever! Come on lads (and lasses), this is supposed to be the highlight of our week isn't it? (which is probably a sad indicement for some of us) Back to the Valley for a home match under the floodlights after acouple of weeks off. No - I must admit I can't get too built up either - I'll be there though - expecting the guys behind to provide as much entertainment as on the pitch (and as dissapointing). I'm plumbing for a 0-2 defeat at the hands of the team that beat surrey's worst in last season's play offs ... see, at least that thought made you smile didn't it? No - you miserable sod ... a true Addick I salute you ;-)


Monday, October 20, 2008


So, nice idea but maybe a bit premature? Having now played 3 foreign teams this season we’re not faring to well with a sole home win and two defeats. Stick the results together and we’d be lucky to get past the first round of the UEFA cup – but that’s all for the future – possibly. We’re just not ready yet. The big shame about these friendly matches is that cards picked up now count towards suspensions and two reds was not what we would have liked as Semedo and the other fella will now miss propa matches when we could do with them ... well Semedo anyway. So without dwelling on this ‘practice’ excursion abroad or the deafly silence on the proposed takeover too much for now I’ll attempt to round up the rest of the division two action without attempting to appear too bothered by any of it – we may not have moved down the table but some ‘team’(s) have moved above us – it’s time for a change – JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

A header from Chris McCann gains an unexpected share of the spoils against second placed brummies.
croydon 3 – BARNSLEY 0
Blah, blah, blah.
A great strike from Gallagher is not enough to stop Derby continue their upturn in form.
Donny off the bottom – what else do you want to know?
Noel is tackled in the box so brother Liam steps up to score the penalty. However two keeper flaps cost Reading dearly oop norf.
Take note Add9icks - This shows that if you have enough money you can buy success – even if you put a plank in charge of spending it.
Wednesday get the local bragging rights in a game which saw six yellow and two red cards!
Two missed penalties (Saints), three goals and five bookings - all in the first half – CAFC v Reading déjà vu?
millwall mick wins this local south (of) London derby against ‘nigel’ taffy coleman. Big Chris misses from close range again and Wolves remind me of one of the many modern introductions into our game which our new owners should steer well clear of – playing music over the tannoy when the home team wins – please Allah no!

So that’s it short if not sweet – get ready for back to back home matches against Bristol City (9th) and Burnley (11th) who both sit higher than our meagre 17th – oh happy days – not!


Friday, October 17, 2008


I doubt it very much. I’m sure the locals will be less than hospitable towards the travelling Addicks. But what a stroke of genius from our new (indicative) owners to have a dry run ahead of our planned European matches in the near future. Whilst a flight isn’t needed for this (un)friendly match on Saturday a passport and much signalling and saying very loud and slowly ‘two pints of lager please dear’, so as to be understood by the locals, will be in as much use as if it were Barca or Milan. (Just think Paulo you could be leading us out against Roma in a couple of years – what a record you have against them ;-)
Anyway whilst the takeover saga rolls on we get a few more days off before playing another league match. Let’s hope we can get a result on Tuesday because, with most other teams playing competitively at the weekend, we may be looking closer to the Third Division than the European Cup.

Anyway, having sat on the fence for too long I’m giving a yay to the Maktoums. Lots and lots has / will been written so I won’t go into great depth but I must admit I’ve been a bit worried about our home / identity / integrity / beer etc, but at the end of the day I am a realist (sometimes) and we need something in order to secure our medium to long term existence. I know I’m probably in a minority of one or two but I really would rather watch a team of Charlton players signed as trainees (all born within the Borough of Greenwich would be nice) play in the third division, at the Valley of course, and be owned by people who support the club (like some of the fantastic people we had / have recently in charge at the club – they are / will be missed greatly) than a foreign owned team of JFH-alike mercinaries poncing it up in front of a load of plastics. (That’s part of the point why I started this blog – we’re in the second division and I don’t care what my mates who support manyoo, arsenal or west spam say, I am proud of that – and very proud of the club this plays in this division!) But that’s not going to happen and the times they are a changing as CND points out. Hell football’s changing, I’m changing, you’re changing, the world’s bloody changing and whilst it might not always be for the better we have to accept that so (gulp) I am accepting it and doing so as I believe this will be a good thing for us in the long term because more than I’d like the ‘good’, ‘little’, ‘old’ Charlton I love and adore to stay the way it was (rather even than the way it is in some ways) there’s one thing I’d like even more.
Here's the crunch ('stop going oin about the crunch, have you even been to the crunch?') ... When my boy’s old enough to decide he wants to support The Addicks rather than be force fed at every opportunity, then bugger me ... there’s still a club for him to support!!!
So thank you Messers Alwen, Bartram, Curbishley, Di Canio, Kinsella, Lawrence, Murray, Peacock, Seed, Shirtliff, Simons and Welsh (to name just a few that spring to mind – the list is extensive). But you’re all a part of what’s good about my club - our club - and I love you all for that. So to Mohammed Al Hashimi (and his esteemed associates) - thank you too (wasn’t that hard, was it?) I trust the club is being brought with good intentions and thank you for ensuring we stay around for at least another hundred or so years – stay a while wont you please?
(Now that I’ve blurted that out I’m sure the deal will fall through knowing my luck – but, honestly, I hope not, for all our sakes)

If you get the chance check out an excellent read from drinking during the game, which I most enjoyed reading yesterday – let’s hope others read it too.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For those art buffs out there, this is the real Viva La Vida painting which explains why the boys from Coldplay used the title but not the painting. Anyway, he’s a bloody soothsayer that bleeding Chris Martin you know. If I wrote something on my hand in felt tip? Bugger all chance of it happening. He writes ‘Zabeel = CAFC’ one day and what do you flipping well know? Anyway, still trying to not get to involved / excited / worried / whatever by all the fuss and nonsense I’ve been listening to his pop toons again this morning and keep hearing a voice in my head (but that’s the schizophrenia – two Andy Goram’s and all that). Still might be worth a try - I’m going to write Gillian Anderson = Bed, Paulo = Valley and start talking in a slightly posher accent, which won’t be ‘ard.

One minute I held the key (Still do but I’d try and hold on tight if I was you pardew)
Next the walls were closed on me (Erm yes they certainly are)
And I discovered that my castles stand (Stop talking about bloody west spam will you?)
Upon pillars of salt, and pillars of sand (Is that code for Norf of the river because I’m with Blackheath Addicted on this one)
I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing (That’s Dubai – not Jerusalem)
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing (That’s Paulo’s crew – move over)
Be my mirror my sword and shield (Too late to bring the sword into it – you’re off matey)
My missionaries in a foreign field (Yes a lot of Addicks dreaming of European trips now)
For some reason I cannot explain (Well you could but you’d only contradict yourself)
Once you know there was never, never an honest word (You said it)
That was when I ruled the world (That was when! Yes the time is coming – JOIN THE REVOLUTION !!!)

On other football / music related news I’m contemplating putting all my Smiths / Mozza records on ebay soon if anyone’s interested ... heaven know’s he’ll be miserable ... don’t do it Mozza, we implore you ... no chance of him down at the Valley with the Sheiks coming in?


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BROMLEY BEWARE! (Chappell Cancels)

Talking of donkeys, Phil Chappell ... what do you mean it's not him - oh dear ... anyway some Chappell bloke has pulled out of tonight's meeting in Bromley - read the full story at the club site here
Unfortunately I've not the time to get a song title in or write anything stupid about it - just hope it helps save at least one dissapointed journey if anyone reads this first
Looks like another night in with Mr Oliver for me then


Whilst it's great to see Pedro45 and Charlton North Downs sign up to JOIN THE REVOLUTION I have to say this isn't quite what I had in mind!

Money or no money (and I'm still staying fairly tight lipped on the subject as my heart and head battle it out) we want an Italian Stallion not a north london gypsy donkey thank you very much!

Still today brings even more twists in the middle eastern (i've noticed as predicted that tickets are already more expensive in the middle east stand anyway) saga with west spam entring the fray - what are they going to do? Buy enough English clubs to form their own league?

Don't count your Robins just yet I've thought all along but it could prove to be a very interesting evening in Bromley tonight - might even pop along myself to see what our man somewhere near the top has to say - and I don't mean Ben Hayes ;-)


Monday, October 13, 2008


Yes Dr Kish, I’m one of them who (like yourself recently) like to use song titles to head up blog entries ... I’m not sure why exactly, although I’ve got a rough idea, and I know I’m not alone but Doctor, doctor can’t you see I’m (stop quoting song lyrics and get on with it you call? OK then) Doctor - What do you prescribe? Plenty of R&R? (rest & recoup or rock ‘n’ roll? – see I can’t help it) Lucoazde? Prescription drugs? Non prescription drugs? Stop blogging? Or just some nice homemade soup?

Well reading a recent copy of the Observer Food Monthly magazine over the weekend I stumbled over an interesting article on Richard Mabey, the guy who wrote ‘Food For Free’ (that’s a book, not a song in case you were wondering). Never heard of it? Well it was quite a hit when published in1972 (a fine year from my personal experience) and ... well it’s all in the title, isn’t it Doc? So with a credit crunch on and ignoring the weekend headline event (the ‘some guys from somewhere hot might wanna buy lil old Charlton’ story not the ingerland stuff) which I’m avoiding writing about (a) because there’s plenty of other opinions and comments being thrown about and (b) to be honest I’m not sure where I stand on that one yet. I’m sure the title of this blog shows some of my feelings towards modern day football, which I’ve not yet fully explained yet online, but even an old stick in the mud can see why it could be a good thing. Maybe the scare from Pedro45 about beer sales when I’m pushing for Peroni to be made available will influence my final view and maybe nobody will care anyway. Anyway this guy had quite an interesting story as well as a few recipes to save a bob or two. So, with financial doom facing us all and no competitive football for another week and a half I thought I’d take Mr Oliver’s lead. For those that don’t know he’s asking people to teach a healthy home cooked recipe to two friends who in turn show two friends and so on. Like pyramid selling but with a good target for all concerned. Well here’s my contribution to the two people who read this page I share with you the stockpot recipe taken from Mr Mabey. I’m sure he won’t mind and that Jamie would support me in court but just in case I’ve changed a few words – just so the Observer don’t sue my arse for the six quid own – lot of money these days, six quid, unless you want to buy our beloved club.

A stockport – by which I mean a rough and ready ongoing group of northerners – sorry soup, to which new ingredients and liquids are added each day, or as they become available for emergency loan, is one of the greatest contributions you can make to reducing food waste. But mostly it’s an adventure, since you never know exactly how it’s going to perform on any given day.
In my experience almost anything once kicking will make interesting stock if boiled for long enough. More realistically, utilitarian stock can be made from the simple boiling of a chicken carcass, lamb bones or ham hock. Trim off any remaining fat from the bones (ie those still on first division wages), place in a large saucepan with a couple of chopped onions and carrots, and add water to a level of about 10 o 15cm from the bottom of the pan. Don’t attempt to cover the bones with water. Bring to the boil, place the lid of the saucepan on securely and simmer for 90 minutes pressing the bones down into the both as they become loosened from each other. Leave to cool a little, then strain the contents of the pan through a firm sieve into a bowl, pressing as much as you can from the moist residue with a wooden spoon. Leave to become entirely cold then remove as much of the fatty layer, which will have risen to the top.
A pile of remnant vegetables – onions, carrots, nigels, potatoes, celery – will make a stock through the same process.
To thicken the stockpot use chopped potatoes, cooked or raw, carrots, crushed occasionally as the soup simmers, a handful of pearl barley, rice breadcrumbs, porridge oats or lentils.
A team with an accumulating cargo of vegetables and disintegrating meat can become a tad full-bodied. It may need lightening or sharpening. The juice of a lemon will help cut the fattiness. A dash of soy sauce (Mr Z) or dry sherry (please don’t buy that millwall scum) adds depth to the squad. A pinch of chilli powder cures most ills. Keep testing and adding til the blend pleases you!

So there you have it. I could have used loads more football puns but decided if Jamie’s taking this seriously then so should I – I also left most same so you can actually use the recipe – ‘pass it on’ as Mr Oliver emplores us to do. So hopefully one of the two readers of this will know a certain current Charlton employee who I know would love making this – keep tinkering til the blend pleases you anyone? Anyway you’ll all thank me for the cheap grub when it’s two hundred sovs a match to watch our new team of international superstars poncing about in the first division.