Friday, October 24, 2008


Oh Lordy – trouble so hard!

Don’t jump Moby! I was here first! So we’re 20th in the second and staring the third in the face and it doesn’t look too pretty does it? Add to that the fact that the men from overseas have taken their money and done a runner and what’s the prognosis Doc? Well a mixed bag of opinions out there so I won’t dwell too much for now but the thing that sticks in my tin pot of a head is that they made an indicative offer which was subject to due diligence – I follow this far. Then due diligence is undertaken with no problems / skeletons etc but they pull out for a load of feeble excuses (in my opinion). They want to invest at home (big change of heart) - Economic crisis (well that was there when you made the dick offer) – View of foreign investors (nothing’s changed in last two weeks) – it doesn’t stack up to me and I’m a bit peeved. Grrr, anger, anger !!!!! Apparently they’re not interested in any other clubs but time will tell? We now need to forget about Parker, Beckham, D Bent et al coming to the valley and see if we can cough up enough to tempt just Paulo (I’ve an ayrton to start the whip off!) ... I mean get on with the relegation battle we’ve found ourselves in. Tomorrow we take on high flying Burnley followed by Ipswich in the week and it’s hard to see many points coming from these two matches.

However I’m predicting a 3-1 win tomorrow (after all Gray normally scores a couple when Burnley visit the Valley) because I’m expecting the fans to react as they have in the past – with a rallying cry that we will not be defeated! We’re not going bust and we’re not going down damn it! We’re ‘plucky’ Charlton and we may not have Houdini at the club anymore but that fighting spirit lives on. I expect the crowd to get behind whatever 11 players step out tomorrow and cheer them on to the start of the recovery.

Or more likely we’ll put in another ‘disfunctional’ (the ‘manager’s word – not mine) performance, lose 2-0 amidst grumblings (Ingerland style) from the off, booing at half / full time and open calls for ‘pardew out!’

... don't nobody know my troubles but God?


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