Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm gonna jump ...

In case you've not seen this yet ...

Addicks acquisition is off
The board of Charlton Athletic plc was today informed by ZabeelInvestments that it will not be proceeding with the proposed acquisitionof Charlton Athletic plc.Zabeel Investments has informed Charlton that the decision not toproceed was taken on the basis that its focus moving forward will be ondomestic opportunities in Dubai that complement the current ZabeelInvestments portfolio.This, combined with the current debate around foreign ownership offootball clubs and the worsening economic climate in the UK, contributedto the decision by Zabeel to pull out.Furthermore, Zabeel Investments has made it clear to Charlton that thisdecision was not made as a result of any discoveries during the duediligence process.Contrary to press reports, Zabeel Investments has confirmed to Charltonthat it has not approached any other club since it made an indicativeoffer for Charlton on October 10th, not has it authorised any approachon its behalf.




Daggs said...

This is bad news 2d&p. The board need to kickstart CAFC today. Sack Pardew and install new manager pronto.

Second Division And Proud said...

agreed with all of this daggs


Anyone got Paulo's number?

Anonymous said...

The withdrawal of the offer spells the end of upward expectation and I'm gutted. Worse is Pardew's obvious total loss of any clue whatsoever. His latest comments about individual players show his abject ignorance of what's required of his team and himself. The club can't afford to sack him so we can only hope he owns up to his inadequacy and does the decent thing and walks. No idea who might replace him of course. Here's hoping someone or something smites him firmly on the head, knocking in some sense or recollection of the game of professional football. How he might get Charlton to 21st place or higher come May is beyond me. With the squad of "can't do's" and "won't do's" the task is a stiff one even for the best of coaches.
The much respected Murray and team must now draw up another even tighter (i.e. Tier 3) budget because there can be no more gambles with finances.
We fans will just have to get used to being a Tier 3/Tier 2 side playing in a 2/3 empty stadium.
The half-crazed optimist in me still hopes that Dickson, McCleod, Racon, Basey will recover and get chances to brighten things up; and in a couple of years, maybe Shelvey and Wagstaff will add to the choices.
Keep smilin'
Save Our Songbirds

Second Division And Proud said...

thanks for posting 'anon' and despite my reservations i'm truly gutted and worry about our future - the silver lining's gone and the reality of the cloud we're on is heading down to div3
pards isn't a 'good' manager - end off - witness the difference b city's manager influenced at 1/2 time the other night - and many others we play against
true he's on good money / contract and financially we can't afford to pay him off but the rot has to stop - even if kins / parks do it til the end of the season as caretakers to keep costs down / whatever / however
don't think we can afford Paulo now :-(
smile on and JOIN THE REDVOLUTION !!!