Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Even if just for one day ... this one really counts pardew!
Show which side of the surrey / SE London fence you're breads buttered on (now / for now) and send out a team willing to fight tooth, nail and anything else required to keep up the good record from last year

I'm sure there will be tomes written elsewhere so I'll stick to a quick predction of 14-0 with each player scoring a piece - hell a 'Reading goal' and 1-0 will do me


Monday, September 29, 2008


Another home defeat isn’t exactly the warm up we wanted ahead of a midweek trip to sh*thurst dump but then the man in charge should know that shouldn’t he, having played his part for both teams. Alas what we got was, well the stuff that had me drowning my sorrows for quite a while after the match – until I decided my vicinity to the Thames was maybe not a good idea and jumped on a late train home ...
Anyway, Varney reacted quickest to a loose ball from a corner to stab home the lead and it could have gone so much better. Despite hitting the woodwork twice we were unable to extend the lead and two goals in three minutes left us trailing for the remainder of the match. The opposition scorer ran miles through our defence without a tackle in sight for each goal which should start alarm bells ringing. I know some of the defensive changes are forced but there seems to be a real problem opening up (pardon the pun) there. However, I’m sure the manager had plenty to say at half time – must have shouted his bollocks off as he didn’t seem to have any energy left to rally the troops to claw back in the second half – come on tinker man – please at least look like you give a shit!?!
Where are the points coming from?

Weaver (7) ‘is a Wednesdayite’ but I don’t really blame him for either goal when he had the red sea defence in front of him
Youga (7) Pedro 45 says he has the makings of a cult hero at the Valley and I have to agree – I think he could be a real fans favourite – don’t let the bastards drag you down Kelly
Cranie (6) Not as promising as previous performances for us (and England) but still better than some
Ex Croydon bloke (3) Better play better than this on Tuesday or he might find the Thames quicker than me
Primus (6) Clearly not fit and not expected to play so can’t be too harsh on his second coming – with time (which apparently we don’t have) could form a good partnership with someone but good to see him starting in a red shirt again
Sam (5) Can do sooooooo much better than this
Bouazza (8) 2DAP MOM covered miles and put in some telling balls and looks likely to stick one in himself too
Holland (5) Sagging form can’t warrant place in the team for mr nice much longer with Jonjo and ZZ knocking on the door – not sure he’s a centre back either!
Bailey (6) Not his greatest game in a red shirt – but not his worst either – tell him the history and let him rip on Tuesday night
Gray (5) After a promising start to the season seems to be dipping like the team – shame
Varney (7) Usual energetic performance deserved more than his solitary goal, even if the team didn’t
Ambrose / Basey – came on with 20 minutes left but the game was over by then
Todorov Good to see him back – this guy can make a big difference – but never got going - yet

Barnsley have a penalty saved in this lower half bore draw
Seasiders take the lead but Freddy Eastwood dances through the home defence to take a point away with the visitors
Not the result many expected in this NW derby – Preston took the expected lead but a 30 yard Gudjonson strike equalises before Caldwell and e*gl@s take the points
An own goal and a penalty may not be the ideal way of grabbing 2 points – but at least they did
IPSWICH 1 – croydon 1
Tractor boys take the lead which lasts just 2 minutes – moses equalised with a header but either side could have taken the extra point – with Lisbie nearest – these nigels will fancy their chances of a first league win and getting off the foot of the table after these results :-(
A strange game if your names Morgan as his clearance bounced off the Plymouth player to be the vital goal and then he gets sent off – worse luck than a Charlton supporter
USA run out convincing winners away to Italy and look to be turning the corner – at least it lifts them away from the surrey bastards at the foot – and above us ... bugger!!!
A steel town double with veterans Gary Speed and James Beattie securing the points for a team who could be slightly richer soon – thanks to the cheating ‘old ‘ammers
And they go marching on and on and on – with Brum not playing Wolves are now 4 points clear at the head of the table – bugger again!!

So another weekend of exciting second division football with some unexpected results and the again expected Addicks heartache draws to a close – I’m off to plant some Gladioli!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Thursday 18th September
Pardew, though, ruled out a similar (loan) deal for summer signing Stuart Fleetwood, who scored twice for the reserves in a 4-1 behind-closed-doors friendly win over Barnet on Wednesday. "Fleetwood is in the first-team squad for Saturday at Nottingham Forest," added Pardew. "He's trained very well and got a couple of goals for the reserves on Thursday so at the minute he's too close to the first team to be sent out."

Thursday 25th September
Charlton boss Alan Pardew hinted on Thursday that he could allow striker Stuart Fleetwood to leave the club on loan.

Oh how I laugh when football managers say one thing then retract it straight away. It’s not as if they’re not reported on radio, TV or even their own official club websites. Why they’re never brought to task about effectively lying to the fans I’m not quite sure but do it they do again and again and again ... ‘Scott Parker will not be leaving Charlton’ etc etc etc as every club in the country can tell you. OK so pardew’s backtrack may be just that – genuine change of mind – or pressure from above – or doesn’t know what the real ‘manager’s plans are – or what the flip he’s doing himself – but don’t these sort of things harm credibility? I believe so and the old say nothing you fool (or something like that) should apply ... sit down shut up isn’t it? AT least Fergie and O’Neill got to keep to their word ... sort of!

Anyway back to the important thing of division two on this sunny weekend ... The Addicks take on Sheff Wed who seem to either ship or score a bucket load each week – I’m going for a 2-0 home win to put us back up the table ahead of our trip to the sewers in the week. Elsewhere I expect wolves unbeaten run to end at the hands of Reading whilst wins afoot for Ipswich, Norwich, Preston, Forest, QPR and Watford with northern draws at Blackpool and Doncaster – but what do I know. I’m planning a few pints by the river tomorrow so lets hope the sunshine continues on and of the pitch!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Congrats to QPR (well all except their supermodel manager) on keeping up the fighting spirit of the 2nd division in the league cup last night by defeating 1st division Villa.
We now have 3 flag bearers (Burnley, QPR and Watford) in the next round ... and 4 if Derby can defeat Man City ... oops Brighton ;-)
Sheff Wed home on Sat seems like ages since last home match - up the Addicks!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


WTF ... through a forced abstenance from the modern world I’m just catching up with emails, results, news, free porn and shopping but not necessarily in that order. So what’s been occurring in my absence? Well same old really – or is it? Wolves have carried on winning with Big Chris scoring a hat trick (ad getting sent off!) and ... well there normal service stops ... Charlton pick up 3 away points against Donny and the trees, Brum lose, Preston lose (now only Micks boys remain undefeated in div 2 and open up a 2 point lead) while Watford and Burnley both beat first division teams in the league cup – Jesus H Corbett what is going on in the world, all the above and financial / political turmoil worldwide ... still we can rely on pardew still being in charge at Charlton :-( and the nobs from surrey still bottom of the league :-)
Good luck to Rangers and Ipswich in the cup tonight ... (ab)normal service will be resumed soon ... for now I merely update the REAL league table

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well Beth Orton certainly gave me more to smile about than the Addicks on Saturday with her usual entertaining mixture of beautiful tunes mixed with a handful of jokes. Shame about Charlton really as it could have been so much better ...

After hearing that big Chris had pulled out during the warm up, good old Michael Gray was on the bench and a wonder strike in the early minutes the sun was certainly shining down in SE7 ... but just for a short while. Yes it can be argued the free kick that led to the penalty shouldn’t have been allowed that quick (with several Addicks players backs to the ball) and that the penalty was harsh but to be honest we were second best for the majority of this match ... Reading seems such a long time ago now

Weaver (6/10) A pen and a parried tap in may be harsh but didn’t seem as confident as recent weeks ... still his reaction to letting in the goals showed his passion ... come on Nicky
Cranie (7) Is it just me that thinks he has elements of Herman about him (build wise as well as playing) – solid start
Fortune (5) oh dear, to think he could be in div one with stoke now – or they here with us
Hudson (5) worst game to date – looked out of place but for the first time only
Youga (6) not his best game – seemed out of position a lot but probably covering others who went missing
Sam (5) struggled with injury for too long before giving way
Bailey (7) Great strike – 2DAP MOM – his goal was also the 100th 2nd division goal of the season
Holland (5) Looked like his age is showing – he’s performed better than I’d expected for the past couple of seasons but maybe now it’s time to (slowly) pass the baton to Zhi / Jonjo?
Bouazza (6) Enthusiasm in patches but nowhere near as cutting as he can be
Gray (4) Was he out there? Shame after recent upturn in performances
Varney (6) Usual hearty display but with little to show for it
Basey - late substitution added little
Dickson – late substitution showed usual livewire performance

2DAP Man of the match : Nicky Bailey if only for his goal – and the fact that he’s only been playing at this level for weeks as opposed to others who he outshone – keep going ginge!
Moment of the match : Has to be Nicky Bailey’s early screamer of a goal

With a man sent off in the first half it was left to Kevin Phillips ... sorry I mean Cameron Jerome (from a Marcus Bent assist!!) to take the points for the blues

Another Kabba goal and another Blackpool win means more div 2 surprises – oh well it was only Barnsley they were playing

Apparently the score flattered the entertainment in this match

Just a few days short of a year since last league win (the longest in league history!!!) and they go and bloody do it - Both sides hit the woodwork before Derby took the lead through Green although really an own goal. For United ex Addick Halford crossed for the equaliser before the ref gave a penalty to Derby then changed to corner! But Hulse won the points anyway – and I thought this sort of stuff only happened at the Valley?

John Stead struck a sweet first goal for Ipswich before a Walters header wrapped up the points against a less promising / fancied Reading as the season continues.

Robert Earnshaw’s goal for the trees proved not enough against a Burnley side who scored from a direct free kick and a penalty to earn their first win of the season

Two great goals from Norwich were enough to take the points despite a Plymouth conciliation goal and the super yellows continue marching upwards – remember where you saw them tipped first!

A lucky goal and a classy one see Wednesday start to climb the table whilst yet another fancied team lose again – this certainly is the second division we all want isn’t it?

Not had a chance to see / read this but the man city of div 2 keep marching on

Well we’re down to a lowly 18th now but at least it’s 4 places above the nigels who didn’t play at the weekend and sink to the foot ... my prediction coming true (although I only got 4 from 10 right this week)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Move over Paulo ... here comes Big Chris!

So after the lay off and lack of football ... except Paulos's double against England last week (Salut!) ... I've got so much to write ... well not really

With a fun packed weekend including seeing my fave all time recording artist Elizabeth Caroline Orton (Beth to her friends) live and the Addicks taking on the might of plastic paddy / millwall mick's wolves I just can't be bothered / haven't got the time so sod you all ;-)

I'm predicting wins for Birmingham, Backpool, Preston, Sheff U, Reading, Forest, Norwich, Watford and QPR with a thrilling 3-3 draw at the Valley - goals from Varney (2) and an og - hat trick for Mr I anyone?

As Beth may have sung 'and if I never saw the second division baby, then maybe, I wouldn't mind the third' ... have a good 'un ... back soon but not sober

Friday, September 5, 2008



This has to be it ... forget Ingerland and whoever they're playing (I honestly don't know nor care) ... tune into ITV this weekend and check out the next West Ham manager Paulo strutting his stuff for a good cause ... have a good weekend Addicks and supporters of many other 2nd div teams ;-0

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Never mind bloody Barbietov, Robin-o and all the other transfers that went on yesterday (no Primus in or Zhi out I note) and spare a thought for Derby. I decided to check out the draw for the next round of the league cup on the beeb and couldn’t believe my eyes ... Derby are having to play both Man City and Brighton in a third round tie on the same day. That must be the case as the two don’t play their second round tie until the day after (see pic) Presumably that match will only take place if their combined forces can beat the mighty sheep?!? It’s an outrage as Tony Harrison would say in the Boosh. Still, did we sign Chris Powell again yesterday?

Monday, September 1, 2008


Oh dear, dear, dear ... the Addicks lost and the nigels got their first goal(s) of the season ... what a weekend it’s been! Still at least the Gordon jocko brown and the bloody credit crunch hasn’t affected the price of mind numbing, pain relieving drugs ... yet ... and we have 24 hour licensing laws to aid the ever addickted amongst us. Here’s the round up boys and girls ...

Sorry, it’s all my fault – my predicting a Charlton away win may be rarer than a croydon fan with dress sense (playing with a leprechaun on a wii fit) but I went and bloody put the jinx on us didn’t I. Sorry boys it won’t happen again (often). With Varney showing the drive I predicted in my pre-match ramble his chasing of a ball he had no right to think about getting to he managed to get upended for the 217th penalty in matches involving Charlton this season. Andy Gray stepped up for the second week running and again we lead. Can we all go home now please? Erm, apparently not. Preston, who are turning out to be an ever improving side over recent years decided to spoil the party with two second half goals – or rather our defence did. Will the real Linvoy Primus please stand up, please stand up, please stand up ... OK any centre halves out their reading this who fancy a game?

So the team bottom of the league (at 3PM on Saturday anyway) decide to go and beat ‘big boys’ Derby ... what a fucking liberty! Well hurrah for them I say, leaving global market infrastructure leaders Derby in the same place as they spent the last year or so ... bottom of the league!

I think I might have to start taking cider drinking, sorry the cider drinkers seriously soon (I take cider drinking very seriously already) as they notch up another point against mr ugly’s ugly troupe leaving them sitting proudly almost top of the real second division table. QPR took the lead with Blackstock managing to score despite being on his arse but Adebola equalised before midweek goal hero Ledema got himself sent off for the mighty hoops. I myself am drinking as many cans of strongbow as possible whilst writing this in the hope the apple magic may rub off on the Addicks.

Yawn ... highlight was Chris eagle setting sent off for having such an offensive bloody name. If Cantona got nine months (should have been a knighthood) then this fella should be banned for at least life.

Surprising everyone with early top half of the table results ‘Donny’ march on with a 30 yard effort from Mr Weller – oops Wellens.

No Phillips goal = no win = third place, at least temporarily as the super canaries start to show the form that has me, and me alone, tipping them for a promotion challenge this year.

READING 4 – croydon 2
Well for one weekend at least I can forget that the scouse dwarf is a serial nigel as they crush the surrey girls unceremoniously. With their leading goalscoring defender Sonke deciding he really is too good for this league step up Sir Kevin Doyle and take the applause. Despite the nigels getting their first (and second) goals of the campaign Reading were never going to lose this one. One from Harper and Doyle’s three secured the points but it could have been so much more – especially if Kebe hadn’t had his goal disallowed for blatantly being fouled in the box – no penalty, no goal, foul against! Oh dear referee! Doyle could have had a couple more himself but his two tap ins and appropriately headed hat trick goal led the chief nigel to call his team a ‘disgrace’ – I for once agree with him!

Another surprise win, which appears to have been much more convincing than the 1-0 scoreline suggest, moves the seasiders above the Addicks (and a few others beside) with woodwork hit and 3 (correctly) disallowed they showed some real attacking passion

A header from Eustace and O’Toole taking advantage of a parry of the keeper ruled superior to Counago’s goal when the Watford custodian politely gave the ball away and almost asked Watford to score.

Wolves now stack up an impressive 13 goals in 4 league appearances and this looks like 10-1 might have been a fare result ... McCarthy’s still the manager? Sorry I mean 4 offsides and a dubious penalty robbed the unlucky forest boys ... seriously though Wolves go top and look good. Kightly might have got two but it was former Addick and one of my all time favourite players (not!) Big Chris who claimed a goal and an assist – what a team player – why did we ever let him go?

Oh well that rounds up the action before we take a week off for some overpaid and ovepampered tossers to flounce about for ingerland and the like – still ITV are showing the charity match with at least one true star, Paulo DiCanio, next weekend so a week of won’t be too hard to take. Prediction wise I’d like to forget my 3 form 10 as quickly as the rest of the weekend ... thank heaven for the professionals - or should we thank Cowley?