Thursday, October 30, 2008


Or rather Frankie says what’s happened to the bloody war and, as is occasionally the way with Mr V, he may be right. I myself have been otherwise disposed and have not posted since last Friday due to other commitments. Tonight I’ve cranked up the old babbage to see what’s been happening in my cyber absence and the first thing I read about our beloved CAFC is that ‘it’s all gone quiet over here’. I don’t know how true that is as I haven’t had a chance to read many other blogs yet – I know fellow revolutioniser Russell Brands lying a bit low at the moment but I’ve been on a motorcycle journey with Ewan McGregor only to find out that he’s not hanging out with Che Hales and he’s not even a bloody Jedi Knight after all. Anyway, I’ve grown a beard (sort off), ordered 10,000 berets and printed some t-shirts up as well as some nice flyers. So here it is fellas (and fellees) let’s get the bloody redvolution back on track!

I openly admit that I have never ever liked pardew – never sung ‘super al’ either as a player or manager – and I want him out ASAP. I’ve made it clear who my personal choice would be to replace him but then I’d like to get a wantsome call from Gillian Anderson but I know neither is likely to happen. Whether the next manager is Paulo, Kinsella, Parkinson or FV himself I want Pardew out NOW!!!

FV asked ‘were some of us secretly hoping for a good ol' thrashing on Tuesday night?’ and from my point of view I’d say bloody hell no and anyone who does think like that can line up behind pardew for the guillotine when we take control. I can see Pedro 45 still waving his flag (although no R word in his last post) so everyone get behind the cause – pardew out, pardew out, pardew out!!!

Well now I’ve got my blood pressure up, I’ve updated the real league table for you all – still looks crap doesn’t it? I’ve not had a chance to preview this weekends games but I’ll briefly plum for a 1-2 home defeat – although obviously I hope I’m completely wrong.

Anyway I’m back off to sleep now – might be arsed to have a look online in another week or so ;-)


Friday, October 24, 2008


Oh Lordy – trouble so hard!

Don’t jump Moby! I was here first! So we’re 20th in the second and staring the third in the face and it doesn’t look too pretty does it? Add to that the fact that the men from overseas have taken their money and done a runner and what’s the prognosis Doc? Well a mixed bag of opinions out there so I won’t dwell too much for now but the thing that sticks in my tin pot of a head is that they made an indicative offer which was subject to due diligence – I follow this far. Then due diligence is undertaken with no problems / skeletons etc but they pull out for a load of feeble excuses (in my opinion). They want to invest at home (big change of heart) - Economic crisis (well that was there when you made the dick offer) – View of foreign investors (nothing’s changed in last two weeks) – it doesn’t stack up to me and I’m a bit peeved. Grrr, anger, anger !!!!! Apparently they’re not interested in any other clubs but time will tell? We now need to forget about Parker, Beckham, D Bent et al coming to the valley and see if we can cough up enough to tempt just Paulo (I’ve an ayrton to start the whip off!) ... I mean get on with the relegation battle we’ve found ourselves in. Tomorrow we take on high flying Burnley followed by Ipswich in the week and it’s hard to see many points coming from these two matches.

However I’m predicting a 3-1 win tomorrow (after all Gray normally scores a couple when Burnley visit the Valley) because I’m expecting the fans to react as they have in the past – with a rallying cry that we will not be defeated! We’re not going bust and we’re not going down damn it! We’re ‘plucky’ Charlton and we may not have Houdini at the club anymore but that fighting spirit lives on. I expect the crowd to get behind whatever 11 players step out tomorrow and cheer them on to the start of the recovery.

Or more likely we’ll put in another ‘disfunctional’ (the ‘manager’s word – not mine) performance, lose 2-0 amidst grumblings (Ingerland style) from the off, booing at half / full time and open calls for ‘pardew out!’

... don't nobody know my troubles but God?


Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm gonna jump ...

In case you've not seen this yet ...

Addicks acquisition is off
The board of Charlton Athletic plc was today informed by ZabeelInvestments that it will not be proceeding with the proposed acquisitionof Charlton Athletic plc.Zabeel Investments has informed Charlton that the decision not toproceed was taken on the basis that its focus moving forward will be ondomestic opportunities in Dubai that complement the current ZabeelInvestments portfolio.This, combined with the current debate around foreign ownership offootball clubs and the worsening economic climate in the UK, contributedto the decision by Zabeel to pull out.Furthermore, Zabeel Investments has made it clear to Charlton that thisdecision was not made as a result of any discoveries during the duediligence process.Contrary to press reports, Zabeel Investments has confirmed to Charltonthat it has not approached any other club since it made an indicativeoffer for Charlton on October 10th, not has it authorised any approachon its behalf.



Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, if the money comes in maybe but at the moment it’s looking more like pigmies. (no offence intended to Gary Johnson) I know I love ‘lil old’ Charlton but third division wasn’t quite what I had in mind L I’d much rather love ‘new bigger and better’ Charlton as I said last week. It could have been a bad omen as my train departed London Bridge and I glanced over the shoulder of the young lady next to me to see the TV page in her paper and there he was – hairy Bristolian Justin Lee Collins, not just looking, but beaming back at me with a huge smile. Don’t get me wrong I quite like the guy but all that goes out the window when it’s football and he was clearly taunting me with his knowing smile. ‘You used to be good, but now your shit’ I could almost here him singing from the printed page – as his locals did later on last night. They were right, we used to be good and now we are shit – but then we’ve been shit before and good before that etc etc – and in fact I thought we started off pretty good. A solid formation and players trying to make a fist of it but as soon as a goal goes in the positive attitude the current Charlton manager talks about goes out of the window. Then at half time their guy does his business. He might be small in stature but I’m sure the city team sat up and listened to their boss as they came out and ripped us apart in the second half. Whereas DiCanio’s predecessor ... well who knows? I’m not going into too much detail but I felt Cranie was worse than poor, Bailey clearly not fit and Bouazza for all his running needs to look up / pass / hit the target occasionally. I give credit where it’s due (IMHO) to Luke Varney who chased the cause all night (as usual) and again was victim of his own versatility – but what happens in the West lower? He parries one ball in the wrong direction and gets slated!?! Give the guy a break – we’re all pissed off at the moment but let’s not attack our own players that are doing their job! I have to be honest and say I’m struggling to see where the points – or even goals - are coming from and with games now thick and fast we could slump even closer to the foot (20th now !!!! shitting hell we never saw that coming !!!)
I don’t suppose the board want any managerial uncertainty (ala Geordie Maggots) with an impending takeover but enough is enough – do something before it gets worse. It’s been said elsewhere that Kinsella / Parkinson couldn’t do any worse and I agree – it’s time to START THE REDVOLUTION !!!

PS – Did anyone sky+ Jamie Oliver last night? I wish I’d stayed in as apparently he was cooking roasted par deux duck.
And I’m not mentioning the insult that Leroy Lita scored a hat trick to put Norwich above us – doh!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, well, well ... just over a week ago there was excitement aplenty as we considered whether we would play Ronaldo behind Drogba or out wide in a 4-3-3 when our new team took shape under the influence (or is that just me under the influence?) of Chief Paulo (just me again?). Now w're back to our usual doom and gloom ... ah that's life as an Addict / Addick. All went quiet on the blogs and news regarding our (indicative) friends from the Midle East and now we're back to the beans after the weekends friendly match. But, reading around, nobody seems particularly excited, optomistic, bothered, whatever! Come on lads (and lasses), this is supposed to be the highlight of our week isn't it? (which is probably a sad indicement for some of us) Back to the Valley for a home match under the floodlights after acouple of weeks off. No - I must admit I can't get too built up either - I'll be there though - expecting the guys behind to provide as much entertainment as on the pitch (and as dissapointing). I'm plumbing for a 0-2 defeat at the hands of the team that beat surrey's worst in last season's play offs ... see, at least that thought made you smile didn't it? No - you miserable sod ... a true Addick I salute you ;-)


Monday, October 20, 2008


So, nice idea but maybe a bit premature? Having now played 3 foreign teams this season we’re not faring to well with a sole home win and two defeats. Stick the results together and we’d be lucky to get past the first round of the UEFA cup – but that’s all for the future – possibly. We’re just not ready yet. The big shame about these friendly matches is that cards picked up now count towards suspensions and two reds was not what we would have liked as Semedo and the other fella will now miss propa matches when we could do with them ... well Semedo anyway. So without dwelling on this ‘practice’ excursion abroad or the deafly silence on the proposed takeover too much for now I’ll attempt to round up the rest of the division two action without attempting to appear too bothered by any of it – we may not have moved down the table but some ‘team’(s) have moved above us – it’s time for a change – JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

A header from Chris McCann gains an unexpected share of the spoils against second placed brummies.
croydon 3 – BARNSLEY 0
Blah, blah, blah.
A great strike from Gallagher is not enough to stop Derby continue their upturn in form.
Donny off the bottom – what else do you want to know?
Noel is tackled in the box so brother Liam steps up to score the penalty. However two keeper flaps cost Reading dearly oop norf.
Take note Add9icks - This shows that if you have enough money you can buy success – even if you put a plank in charge of spending it.
Wednesday get the local bragging rights in a game which saw six yellow and two red cards!
Two missed penalties (Saints), three goals and five bookings - all in the first half – CAFC v Reading déjà vu?
millwall mick wins this local south (of) London derby against ‘nigel’ taffy coleman. Big Chris misses from close range again and Wolves remind me of one of the many modern introductions into our game which our new owners should steer well clear of – playing music over the tannoy when the home team wins – please Allah no!

So that’s it short if not sweet – get ready for back to back home matches against Bristol City (9th) and Burnley (11th) who both sit higher than our meagre 17th – oh happy days – not!


Friday, October 17, 2008


I doubt it very much. I’m sure the locals will be less than hospitable towards the travelling Addicks. But what a stroke of genius from our new (indicative) owners to have a dry run ahead of our planned European matches in the near future. Whilst a flight isn’t needed for this (un)friendly match on Saturday a passport and much signalling and saying very loud and slowly ‘two pints of lager please dear’, so as to be understood by the locals, will be in as much use as if it were Barca or Milan. (Just think Paulo you could be leading us out against Roma in a couple of years – what a record you have against them ;-)
Anyway whilst the takeover saga rolls on we get a few more days off before playing another league match. Let’s hope we can get a result on Tuesday because, with most other teams playing competitively at the weekend, we may be looking closer to the Third Division than the European Cup.

Anyway, having sat on the fence for too long I’m giving a yay to the Maktoums. Lots and lots has / will been written so I won’t go into great depth but I must admit I’ve been a bit worried about our home / identity / integrity / beer etc, but at the end of the day I am a realist (sometimes) and we need something in order to secure our medium to long term existence. I know I’m probably in a minority of one or two but I really would rather watch a team of Charlton players signed as trainees (all born within the Borough of Greenwich would be nice) play in the third division, at the Valley of course, and be owned by people who support the club (like some of the fantastic people we had / have recently in charge at the club – they are / will be missed greatly) than a foreign owned team of JFH-alike mercinaries poncing it up in front of a load of plastics. (That’s part of the point why I started this blog – we’re in the second division and I don’t care what my mates who support manyoo, arsenal or west spam say, I am proud of that – and very proud of the club this plays in this division!) But that’s not going to happen and the times they are a changing as CND points out. Hell football’s changing, I’m changing, you’re changing, the world’s bloody changing and whilst it might not always be for the better we have to accept that so (gulp) I am accepting it and doing so as I believe this will be a good thing for us in the long term because more than I’d like the ‘good’, ‘little’, ‘old’ Charlton I love and adore to stay the way it was (rather even than the way it is in some ways) there’s one thing I’d like even more.
Here's the crunch ('stop going oin about the crunch, have you even been to the crunch?') ... When my boy’s old enough to decide he wants to support The Addicks rather than be force fed at every opportunity, then bugger me ... there’s still a club for him to support!!!
So thank you Messers Alwen, Bartram, Curbishley, Di Canio, Kinsella, Lawrence, Murray, Peacock, Seed, Shirtliff, Simons and Welsh (to name just a few that spring to mind – the list is extensive). But you’re all a part of what’s good about my club - our club - and I love you all for that. So to Mohammed Al Hashimi (and his esteemed associates) - thank you too (wasn’t that hard, was it?) I trust the club is being brought with good intentions and thank you for ensuring we stay around for at least another hundred or so years – stay a while wont you please?
(Now that I’ve blurted that out I’m sure the deal will fall through knowing my luck – but, honestly, I hope not, for all our sakes)

If you get the chance check out an excellent read from drinking during the game, which I most enjoyed reading yesterday – let’s hope others read it too.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For those art buffs out there, this is the real Viva La Vida painting which explains why the boys from Coldplay used the title but not the painting. Anyway, he’s a bloody soothsayer that bleeding Chris Martin you know. If I wrote something on my hand in felt tip? Bugger all chance of it happening. He writes ‘Zabeel = CAFC’ one day and what do you flipping well know? Anyway, still trying to not get to involved / excited / worried / whatever by all the fuss and nonsense I’ve been listening to his pop toons again this morning and keep hearing a voice in my head (but that’s the schizophrenia – two Andy Goram’s and all that). Still might be worth a try - I’m going to write Gillian Anderson = Bed, Paulo = Valley and start talking in a slightly posher accent, which won’t be ‘ard.

One minute I held the key (Still do but I’d try and hold on tight if I was you pardew)
Next the walls were closed on me (Erm yes they certainly are)
And I discovered that my castles stand (Stop talking about bloody west spam will you?)
Upon pillars of salt, and pillars of sand (Is that code for Norf of the river because I’m with Blackheath Addicted on this one)
I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing (That’s Dubai – not Jerusalem)
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing (That’s Paulo’s crew – move over)
Be my mirror my sword and shield (Too late to bring the sword into it – you’re off matey)
My missionaries in a foreign field (Yes a lot of Addicks dreaming of European trips now)
For some reason I cannot explain (Well you could but you’d only contradict yourself)
Once you know there was never, never an honest word (You said it)
That was when I ruled the world (That was when! Yes the time is coming – JOIN THE REVOLUTION !!!)

On other football / music related news I’m contemplating putting all my Smiths / Mozza records on ebay soon if anyone’s interested ... heaven know’s he’ll be miserable ... don’t do it Mozza, we implore you ... no chance of him down at the Valley with the Sheiks coming in?


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BROMLEY BEWARE! (Chappell Cancels)

Talking of donkeys, Phil Chappell ... what do you mean it's not him - oh dear ... anyway some Chappell bloke has pulled out of tonight's meeting in Bromley - read the full story at the club site here
Unfortunately I've not the time to get a song title in or write anything stupid about it - just hope it helps save at least one dissapointed journey if anyone reads this first
Looks like another night in with Mr Oliver for me then


Whilst it's great to see Pedro45 and Charlton North Downs sign up to JOIN THE REVOLUTION I have to say this isn't quite what I had in mind!

Money or no money (and I'm still staying fairly tight lipped on the subject as my heart and head battle it out) we want an Italian Stallion not a north london gypsy donkey thank you very much!

Still today brings even more twists in the middle eastern (i've noticed as predicted that tickets are already more expensive in the middle east stand anyway) saga with west spam entring the fray - what are they going to do? Buy enough English clubs to form their own league?

Don't count your Robins just yet I've thought all along but it could prove to be a very interesting evening in Bromley tonight - might even pop along myself to see what our man somewhere near the top has to say - and I don't mean Ben Hayes ;-)


Monday, October 13, 2008


Yes Dr Kish, I’m one of them who (like yourself recently) like to use song titles to head up blog entries ... I’m not sure why exactly, although I’ve got a rough idea, and I know I’m not alone but Doctor, doctor can’t you see I’m (stop quoting song lyrics and get on with it you call? OK then) Doctor - What do you prescribe? Plenty of R&R? (rest & recoup or rock ‘n’ roll? – see I can’t help it) Lucoazde? Prescription drugs? Non prescription drugs? Stop blogging? Or just some nice homemade soup?

Well reading a recent copy of the Observer Food Monthly magazine over the weekend I stumbled over an interesting article on Richard Mabey, the guy who wrote ‘Food For Free’ (that’s a book, not a song in case you were wondering). Never heard of it? Well it was quite a hit when published in1972 (a fine year from my personal experience) and ... well it’s all in the title, isn’t it Doc? So with a credit crunch on and ignoring the weekend headline event (the ‘some guys from somewhere hot might wanna buy lil old Charlton’ story not the ingerland stuff) which I’m avoiding writing about (a) because there’s plenty of other opinions and comments being thrown about and (b) to be honest I’m not sure where I stand on that one yet. I’m sure the title of this blog shows some of my feelings towards modern day football, which I’ve not yet fully explained yet online, but even an old stick in the mud can see why it could be a good thing. Maybe the scare from Pedro45 about beer sales when I’m pushing for Peroni to be made available will influence my final view and maybe nobody will care anyway. Anyway this guy had quite an interesting story as well as a few recipes to save a bob or two. So, with financial doom facing us all and no competitive football for another week and a half I thought I’d take Mr Oliver’s lead. For those that don’t know he’s asking people to teach a healthy home cooked recipe to two friends who in turn show two friends and so on. Like pyramid selling but with a good target for all concerned. Well here’s my contribution to the two people who read this page I share with you the stockpot recipe taken from Mr Mabey. I’m sure he won’t mind and that Jamie would support me in court but just in case I’ve changed a few words – just so the Observer don’t sue my arse for the six quid own – lot of money these days, six quid, unless you want to buy our beloved club.

A stockport – by which I mean a rough and ready ongoing group of northerners – sorry soup, to which new ingredients and liquids are added each day, or as they become available for emergency loan, is one of the greatest contributions you can make to reducing food waste. But mostly it’s an adventure, since you never know exactly how it’s going to perform on any given day.
In my experience almost anything once kicking will make interesting stock if boiled for long enough. More realistically, utilitarian stock can be made from the simple boiling of a chicken carcass, lamb bones or ham hock. Trim off any remaining fat from the bones (ie those still on first division wages), place in a large saucepan with a couple of chopped onions and carrots, and add water to a level of about 10 o 15cm from the bottom of the pan. Don’t attempt to cover the bones with water. Bring to the boil, place the lid of the saucepan on securely and simmer for 90 minutes pressing the bones down into the both as they become loosened from each other. Leave to cool a little, then strain the contents of the pan through a firm sieve into a bowl, pressing as much as you can from the moist residue with a wooden spoon. Leave to become entirely cold then remove as much of the fatty layer, which will have risen to the top.
A pile of remnant vegetables – onions, carrots, nigels, potatoes, celery – will make a stock through the same process.
To thicken the stockpot use chopped potatoes, cooked or raw, carrots, crushed occasionally as the soup simmers, a handful of pearl barley, rice breadcrumbs, porridge oats or lentils.
A team with an accumulating cargo of vegetables and disintegrating meat can become a tad full-bodied. It may need lightening or sharpening. The juice of a lemon will help cut the fattiness. A dash of soy sauce (Mr Z) or dry sherry (please don’t buy that millwall scum) adds depth to the squad. A pinch of chilli powder cures most ills. Keep testing and adding til the blend pleases you!

So there you have it. I could have used loads more football puns but decided if Jamie’s taking this seriously then so should I – I also left most same so you can actually use the recipe – ‘pass it on’ as Mr Oliver emplores us to do. So hopefully one of the two readers of this will know a certain current Charlton employee who I know would love making this – keep tinkering til the blend pleases you anyone? Anyway you’ll all thank me for the cheap grub when it’s two hundred sovs a match to watch our new team of international superstars poncing about in the first division.


Friday, October 10, 2008


With no football on this weekend I’m sure many of you, like I, will be wondering how to kill (nigels?) time before our beloved Charlton (or whichever second division team you support) grace the footballing arenas of England again. No ... oh well sod you then if you’ve already got a life. I have decided to take in a bit of culture and visit an art gallery. Being a complete novice in this area I consulted our trusty internet and googled a few bits and pieces ... after my wrist recovered I found the painting shown here which is a 20th century work by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Its title directly translates into English as ‘alive [is] the life’ - meaning ‘long live life’. See, we’re all feeling uplifted already aren’t we ... no? Then I shall continue. Actually, this is a myth – the painting in question is actually entitled ‘Liberty Leading the People’ by French artist Eugène Delacroix and depicting the July Revolution of 1830. (See where I’m going now?). Viva la vida is actually by Kahlo but is a painting of melons ... no not them ... yawn! Anyway I discovered neither piece resides in the UK so I’d have to make do with some other art. Meanwhile I discovered that save the world single handidly / actress marrying / miserable sod / head up my own arse Bono ... sorry, I meant the lovely Chris Martin of Coldplay – has written a toon with said title. His lovely jaunty ‘all the melons I have seen’ is due to be released sometime soon but Viva La Vida you will probably have heard of. In case not here’s some of the lyrics to help jog your memory?

I used to rule the world (sorry Chris – thats Take That / manu)
Zhi would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone (well at least you’re getting some sleep ... ask pardew or Ambrose)
Sweep the streets I used to own (bit like Paddy Powell but without the mower then?)

I used to roll the dice (Two 6’s – you’re starting today Luke)
Feel the fear in my enemies eyes (but who are our enemies and who are our friends – and who do we keep closer)
Listen as the crowd would sing: (well North upper anyway)
"Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!" (I’ll leave you to think about this one for now)

I’m sure our manager doesn’t really roll dice to pick the team and there’s loads more great lines there about Romans and Revolutions (wonder where that could go? - seriously I couldn’t make this class stuff up) but enough for this culture robin today. Enjoy your weekend off everyone and remember it’s only art!

Alright I confess (I wasn’t expecting the Spanish inquisition – but then nobody does) I’m going to the zoo with the kids –
JOIN THE (Gorillas of the) REVOLUTION!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


After comments being raised about pardew’s ability to talk excessively about his former surrey side – more so than us -last week, here we have him talking about another of his former loves ...
Ahead of Saturdays match ‘I know the Ipswich squad well; I've come up against them twice in the play-offs as manager at West Ham’ and afterwards ‘When you've been West Ham United manager for four years you get used to the pressure but this week has been tough’
Somewhere else you’d rather be al?
TAXI !!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Well I agree – we all wanna change the world - and I urge you all to JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

So we won – panic over? No, this is just a respite! Every woman, every man, it’s time to stand up, join the caravan – oops ... join the revolution! Yes that’s right – ignore Saturday’s blip and stand up and be counted – like Pedro 45 did. We were all fannying around with Con Te Partiro and the like but he put his money where his mouth is and said what he meant (just like a fiery Italian might) and I know he feels better for it. So, whilst you’re reading this just say the words to yourself ‘I want to join the revolution’ feel better? Course you do. Unfortunately the oppressors broke in and f*d about with my sky+ box at the weekend so I didn’t get to see the telly programme (I forget its name) with the second division goals and highlights on so my reporting this week might be a bit off the mark in some people’s eyes but I don’t care – I have a greater cause and the sacrifice is worth it.

(Readers warning ... subliminal messages may be used in the following ‘performance’ those with the IQ of a palarce fan can’t use a computer anyway so no harm can come of it – only good)

Whatever the result was I can’t get excited about this win. There was a very strange mood around the Valley before (and during) this match – the people are revolting (sorry that was last Tuesday). The game well, it was born in the Quarticciolo district of Rome on July 9th 1968 and we’re now up to 17th.

Rare win for the Tykes whose career started at local boyhood club Lazio.

Kevin Phillips scores again before pushing over referee Paul Alcock ... or that’s what the oppressive regime want you to think – we here at revolution headquarters know the truth is that he dived.

Good home win for Ghost Town City all of whose players have a tattoo reading DVX on their arm.

So the turn around in form continues for the American giants known to be former members of the Lazio Irruducibili.

FOREST 0 – croydon 2
I wouldn’t sully his good name by linking him with this shit!

Shows you how poor the team that beat us last week was, despite winning the 2001 FIFA fair play award for the special act of sportsmanship shown when playing against Everton.

West Irish score another 3 including BBC goal of the season 2000

Are the messages getting really obvious yet?

I love you Paulo x

So there’s the weekly round up, along with an updated table still headed by Wolves rather than a team who finished in it’s highest league for nearly 50 years in the one season Di Canio played for us... Charlton don’t have a competitive match for over two weeks now so I’ll leave you with this thought that brought a smile to my comrades at the match on Saturday and might do the same for you. In response to the usual complaints about the watered down fosters on offer I offer you this reply ... Join the revolution and it could soon be ice cold Peroni we’re drinking ... SALUT!!! You know it makes sense!

Friday, October 3, 2008


With the defeat to surrey nonces fresh in the memory (current) manager (tick tock) pardew will know he needs to get back on track again with a convincing win in front of a large home crowd tomorrow. The tractor boys won't be any kind of a pushover though and SE7's own ole gunner solscar (or whatever) won't be letting any past loyalties get in his way. Shake ups are threatened but ZZ and Todorov (2 players I'd like to see in most staring line ups) probably aren't ready for 90 minutes yet - where's Jonjo? Anyway I'm going for a 3-3 draw and pardew to keep holding on ... for now.

PAULO DI COACHIO - Join the revolution!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Thanks to Daggs for the title suggestion – Although I’ve put a little twist on it - I’ll not make too many blind man jokes / puns as I’m really not in the mood (particularly as there’s a nigel where I work) – Perhaps there’s an Italian out there who might appreciate the language change – one who’s recently got some coaching badges? A facist, not a nazi? Big mutton chops?

Anyway as Wolves lose their first of the season so the team at the foot pick up their first win – I really don’t know what to say – too early to drink, should have told me that two hours ago :-(