Thursday, October 30, 2008


Or rather Frankie says what’s happened to the bloody war and, as is occasionally the way with Mr V, he may be right. I myself have been otherwise disposed and have not posted since last Friday due to other commitments. Tonight I’ve cranked up the old babbage to see what’s been happening in my cyber absence and the first thing I read about our beloved CAFC is that ‘it’s all gone quiet over here’. I don’t know how true that is as I haven’t had a chance to read many other blogs yet – I know fellow revolutioniser Russell Brands lying a bit low at the moment but I’ve been on a motorcycle journey with Ewan McGregor only to find out that he’s not hanging out with Che Hales and he’s not even a bloody Jedi Knight after all. Anyway, I’ve grown a beard (sort off), ordered 10,000 berets and printed some t-shirts up as well as some nice flyers. So here it is fellas (and fellees) let’s get the bloody redvolution back on track!

I openly admit that I have never ever liked pardew – never sung ‘super al’ either as a player or manager – and I want him out ASAP. I’ve made it clear who my personal choice would be to replace him but then I’d like to get a wantsome call from Gillian Anderson but I know neither is likely to happen. Whether the next manager is Paulo, Kinsella, Parkinson or FV himself I want Pardew out NOW!!!

FV asked ‘were some of us secretly hoping for a good ol' thrashing on Tuesday night?’ and from my point of view I’d say bloody hell no and anyone who does think like that can line up behind pardew for the guillotine when we take control. I can see Pedro 45 still waving his flag (although no R word in his last post) so everyone get behind the cause – pardew out, pardew out, pardew out!!!

Well now I’ve got my blood pressure up, I’ve updated the real league table for you all – still looks crap doesn’t it? I’ve not had a chance to preview this weekends games but I’ll briefly plum for a 1-2 home defeat – although obviously I hope I’m completely wrong.

Anyway I’m back off to sleep now – might be arsed to have a look online in another week or so ;-)



Frankie Valley said...

That's more like it, SDAP! Sock it to 'em, my friend. And can I just put it on the record, that bit about lily-livered pinko nancy boys - obviously I wasn't referring to you there. NO WAY!

Sorry to say though, I'm still not up for wholesale revolution. I'm not really your bearded sweaty power-grabbing gorilla-fighting type. I'm more your whingeing plastic pussy-cat type.

A bit like Pards then.... ;-)

Second Division And Proud said...

lily-livered pinko nancy boy not me? damn - i took it as a compliment ;-)

nice to see you posting over on my little part of the world - an honour to have such esteemed visitor

lets hope everyone gets there blood a-pumping come saturday


charlton north-downs said...

Im all for Gillian Anderson being our new manager. That girl has got something maybe its those super blue eyes-What a babe. See thats how apathetic I have become, but she sure would look better than Pardew on the touchline.

Second Division And Proud said...

CND - I agree gillian with her sex addict partner as #2 - he could summon some outer worldly powers to help us stay up while she ... well she just looks good ;-)
i'm moving to sit behind the home dug out if that happens