Sunday, November 2, 2008


Not so beautiful friend ... the end!
Surely that’s it isn’t it? After what I can describe (having taken 24 hours to get pissed, calm down, sober up, and analize with a semi sensible head on) as one of the worst performances I have ever seen from Charlton surely we will not be seeing pardew on the Valley touchline any time again. Rumours of a board meeting on Monday are abound and surely that will seal his fate – at bloody last! I’m not going to go into the match (or even the other second division matches) in too much detail but would say that maybe Josh Wright would be one of very few who can hold their head up after that shocker. Maybe he isn’t ready yet but he made some of his more experienced colleagues look like mugs (or do they do that themselves?). No things have moved on since my last post and surely they will move on between my writing this and my next random rambling – with pardew leaving his position? The REDVOLUTION is underway and that is what I’m here to talk about today. Pedro45 is certainly on board and Russell Brand’s got a bit of time on his hand so he’s offered to man the phones – although I’m not sure that’s such a good idea he has got the image and talks about revolution more frequently that I. So to get the ball rolling I’m starting to put together a manifest for the REDVOLUTION. Please feel free to let me know what else should be included as it is after all a cause for all of us Addickted.

1 Removal of pardew as manager of CAFC
2 Replace aforementioned manager with the legendary Paulo DiCanio
3 National recognition of the Real Second Division table
4 Gillian Anderson to be put in charge of forming cheerleader team (I know CND will be with me on this one)
5 Get Jose Semedo in the team – every week!

Come on guys do we want this or not?
JOIN THE REDVOLUTION NOW – it’s a starting!
Welcome to Charlton North Downs and Kings Hill Addick


Pedro45 said...

I was thinking more a Mission statement only - Get Pardew Out!

As for anything else, what's the point of having a Redvolution unless you shoot the bastards afterwards?

Second Division And Proud said...

indeed pedro ... shoot the bastards, shoot the bastards, shoot!

pardew first!!!
cranie must come up fairly high on the list
i knowyou'd spare lloyd sam and i'm giving the gun to jose to do the shooting but who get shot or not???


Always A Better Day said...

You can't shoot the players without first making an example of the leader. Line Messr Pardew up and let the strikers have a go. Bit of fun and they would never hit him (Varney may clip a leg though!). The fire at will, err sorry Alan.

Looking on a positive note, no midweek games for next couple of weeks so only one agonising 90 minutes at a time.

Second Division And Proud said...

AABD - if we let the strikers shoot the manager it'll be like bombing iraq with water balloons - bring back bowyer, mills, killer et al and kick him in the balls - if u can find them