Tuesday, November 4, 2008


An update already? Yes, we’re not sitting on our hands here at REDVOLUTION HQ you know, we’ve got strippers to meet the brains out of and berets to sew and sell – and more importantly start again looking after the people who’ll be warming our squares of plastic after we vacate them at the Valley – hence item 6 on the revised manifesto below relating to the saucepans' own Charlton supporters club.

Pedro 45 is, as ever, right - the mission statement is key - and until we live up to our mission statement then nothing else will come to fruition, so here goes ...

1 pardew out
However, I still believe we should be prepared to follow up item 1 when it happens (soon surely)
1 Action mission statement
2 Replace aforementioned manager with the legendary Paulo DiCanio
3 National recognition of the Real Second Division table
4 Gillian Anderson to be put in charge of forming cheerleader team
5 Get Jose Semedo in the team – every week!
6 Reinstate the Junior Reds

I’ll add that, following Frankie & Miss Kish recent writings on what the new fans forum can do, this latest point is for you guys to get your teeth into. Disbanding and reforming the womens team may have been a publicised PR nightmare but when the club decided to stop Junior Reds a couple of years ago it went by largely unnoticed. But now is the time to act – get the Junior Reds back up and running (hell I’m even in the job market if the club want an experienced piss head – sorry, administrative manager to do it for them). Like Whitney I think we should use our long standing position as a leader in the youth stakes to our advantage. That means more to follow Grant Basey, Josh Wright and Jonjo Shelvey into the first team and for my kids and yours to be able to belong to the club we all love from an early age as many before them have – even I was in the junior supporters club (or whatever they called it then) many moons ago.

JOIN THE REDVOLUTION – for the sake of the kids!!!


Kings Hill Addick said...

I didn't know the Junior Reds had gone. It that's true it's scandalous.

Having said that I signed up my son on his birth, but didn't bother renewing, so I guess I'm as much to blame as anyone.

The fee was, from memory, £15 a season. I would have made it free, and allowed applicants to apply online and then receive an id pass and news letters for ever. Well until they reach 16 or 18 anyway.

I mean it's marketing aimed at those that won't be able to tell, yet have the ability to extract their parents money with ease - my son does.

Anonymous said...

Fine with most of this, but item 5? Are you mad?

Second Division And Proud said...

alas - sad but true KHA
I did the same as you but one year I called to get forms and after being told they would be available soon a few times someone admitted that was the official line but it had actually been closed
I always thought it strange not sending out forms to existing members anyway (some people simply forget to rejoin) but they closed it :-(
you can still visit the website which was last updated in ... 2006 !!!
£15 it was and whilst I would have loved it to be free - and online application would have been great too - superb idea to stop lapses in newsletters etc - I thought that was fair value for money

Thanks for your comments

Second Division And Proud said...

hi anonymous
many would agree i am stark barking looney tunes in deed but re jose i honestly think he could be the central pin in our team
having him in the holding midfield roll supplies great support to the back 4 (3, 5 or whatever) and allows the rest of the team to venture in many a different formtion
If not used there then he's IMO the best right back at the club and decent in the middle too
Mind you my dad thought Jorge Costa was one of our best ever - must check my fmily tree for portugese routes - Arrrrrrriba!!!


Chicago Addick said...

Junior Reds went in 2006 and is now part of the red card scheme. Shame, although I believe the kids football teams still exist and thrive.

Second Division And Proud said...

I beleive you're right Chicago (god i'm knackered from watching you guys voting ... yawn)

Unfortunately a plastic card doesn't have the same impact on my kids as a baseball hat, scarf, water bottle, poster, colouring page etc etc which really helped get my son interested from a young age :-(


So Obama's off the list for next manager ... I'm sure he could have motivated the dressing room