Thursday, November 13, 2008


League Cup congrats to our second division 'chums' Derby (who beat Leeds), Watford (who have gained a bye into the next round) and in particular Burnley who stunned the mighty chelski with a penalty win (sound familiar?) - Commiserations to QPR who were defeated at Old Trafford
That's it really - if you think I'm going into in depth analysis over games that don't involve Charlton forget it - I'm struggling to get the excitement going when we play at the moment. Perhaps someone in a high up place heeding the REDVOLUTION and getting rid of the fella pardew would help (us all). Anyway there will be 3 second division teams in the last 8 so lets see how they get on.

Other news about CAFCTV (at last) is warmly welcomed at REDVOLUTION towers - although the limit to use only at 2 IP addresses may be problematic for anyone (like me) who would wish to use the service in a variety of locations. No new loan signings? (phew!).

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