Friday, November 21, 2008


So we're back at the Valley after a couple of weks off and let's hope things are a bit better than the last few home performances. Hopefully the 'improved' away performances (if not actual results - and that's what will count come May), the installation of the centre peg that is Senhor Semedo and the introduction of Mackam Waghorn will lead to a long overdue victory and that's what I'm predicting for tomorrow. Despite the steel city's second finest being placed for a play off beth, I'm going for a 2-0 win with Waghorn netting both. He's going to play isn't he? Otherwise why bring him in? I'm still waiting for the other 3 loanees (although overall I hope they don't arrive) we were promised some week ago but then maybe pardew ment four limbs - not loans? Anyone's guess really where he's concerned.

Another draw or defeat and his position will become ever more tentative - another win and the fickle amongst us will be cheering SAP again - not I!

THE REDVOLUTION IS FOR REAL - sack the manager!

Meanwhile, rather than writing more than the brief rambling above, like many others on Charlton Life, I've been captivated by these Zahada riddles - don't click on the link unless you have lots of free time :-(


Anonymous said...

Open the Doors. "this is the end"

Second Division And Proud said...

the end is only the beginning - thanks (again) for the post daggs - lets hope the future's brighter


Anonymous said...

While you dream of your Italian Stallion. I think of a grumpy little Englishman, who could be our saviour.

Second Division And Proud said...

why thank you daggs but i think thye'll want someone with more experience than lil ole me ;-)

who did you really mean???

Anonymous said...

Whisper it quietly: The man who bored us into mid-table obscurity. Oh! happy days.