Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Or can you? Well some areas of the blogscene, media et al are tipping Mr Curbishley for a return to SE7 – whether it be in a temp / permanent / director of football / king of the world role or whatever! I’m not sure about that but I have started to put together a list of those candidates I would / wouldn’t give my vote to. I know I don’t get a vote but others have / will put cases for / against far more elequantly than I – anyway the REDVOLUTION manifesto is underway so why would the board not take heed with regards to this MOST important decision? Trouble is, I ended up with a list of about 50 names I’m currently undecided about. As the Beautiful South once sang ‘I need a little time’. I hope the board take a little time – to get it right 4th time lucky? I’m sure there’s miwwions of names I’ve not even thought of through various reasons but here’s a few of my thoughts!

Before starting the list however, I hear we have signed Bobby Gillespie on loan from Primal Scream – thought we’d had enough of that at the Valley for a while haven’t we?

Paulo DiCanio - What can I say? Class, enthusiasm, contacts, passion, passion and more passion!

Jorge Costa - The tank was a favourite at the Valley but has he really proved himself? Could add contacts, European style and much needed grit(t) to the proceedings
Alan Curbishley - Sometimes it’s best not to go back to an old job (as I know from personal experience)
Billy Davies - wouldn’t the previous events put him / us off?
Darren Ferguson - proving himself so far, could make the step up – and just think of the loanees we could get from daddy (oops sorry, forgot I don’t like temps for a second there ;-)
Mark Kinsella - I absolutely love this fella but don’t believe now is the right time for him or us, sorry Mark but I hope whoever takes control has room for him
Phil Parkinson - But which Phil Parkinson will we get? And is he tarnished by the pardew regime?
Chris Powell - Untested (at any level / position) but one of the characters missing from the modern game – would be a wow with fans – I’d have him in my dream team assisting Paulo
Bryan Robson - has had mixed success since hanging up his Captain Marvel boots

Sam Allardyce - great background / technical set up but lacking style – besides which we couldn’t afford him or his huge backroom staff
Aidy Boothroyd - like watching Watford? Me neither
Mark Robson - again not proven at any level, and certainly doesn’t have the same crowd draw as Powell / Kinsella
Anyone with any association with the nigels – please not again!

Oh yeah, that small matter of an away trip to play Rangers (and there is only one as far as I’m concerned) – I’m predicting a 2-1 defeat as I believe it may take a while before the much needed and expected upturn starts – Paulo’s home wasn’t built in a day and at least the REDVOLUTION has started in earnest – Come on U Reds!!!!!!!!
PS - Good luck Phil!

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