Monday, November 17, 2008


Well I quite like it at least. Have to say that the commentary wasn’t bad (certainly better than the silence I’ve been living with as I dwell in an area where I cannot get suitable reception of either Radio London or Kent when required), the streaming kept coming without interruption – the only down point I’d say is the delay (about 2 minutes?) that meant that having Sky Sports News on the TV whilst listening to the Charlton commentary may be avoided in the future. Not sure why it’s called CAFCTV as it’s an internet service not television but then people call pardew a ‘manager’ so I suppose it’s media poetic licence. Due to travel commitments I’ve not had a chance to savour more than a couple of minutes of the press conference but will undoubtedly be visiting often. To the people who have made this happen – salut! – Much needed and looking good in its infancy.

Onto the match and I’m going to chuck in as many positives as I can because I don’t want to keep sounding pessimistic ... we’re at last scoring goals – 4 away from home in the last 2 matches – Semedo seems to have finally been given the starting berth he’s long deserved and MC Hammer has finally hit the target, which will hopefully give him some confidence – which is sadly lacking generally amongst our troops (and certainly their general) at the moment. We’ve been in the lead in both of the two away matches but squandered this on both occasions. The few teams below us are even starting to pick up points. Sorry I couldn’t keep it up long. I still believe we need a change at the helm and using the excuse of ‘tough’ away matches, an unfit, past his prime temp not being available – or whatever the excuse is at the moment – is not going to wash come May. Change is needed sooner than later – we have more ‘tough’ matches approaching fast. If you want to put it one way – every match is tough as most teams are currently higher than us in the league. However, I believe that the squad we have at the valley is (on paper) one of the best in the second division and if utilised to its capabilities would be nowhere near the predicament we currently possess. There are many, many reasons why I (and a lot of others) believe pardew should go and to repeat them every week is a pointless exercise. To make it known that these feelings are not going away is neither pointless nor producing the required results at present but I believe in what I say so simply (again) ...
pardew out
Hopefully those who can actually make the change will do so, if not for the disgruntled fans or because of our rantings – but for the club itself and because of what’s (not) happening on the pitch!


Anonymous said...

It seems to me, the board are content with, or at least have accepted second division football is to be our foreseeable future. If they thought we could and should be heading back to the Premier, Pardew would be gone by now. As it is, any new manager coming in could not be expected to, win promotion now. Only to keep us in Div 2.

Second Division And Proud said...

Good point - div one is out of the question now whoever / whatever - but to place second divison survival in jeopardy but continuing with pardew is going too far for me now - someone needs to come in to help SURVIVAL !!!

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