Friday, November 7, 2008


Well ... any ideas? No, me neither! 'We' have a new liberal (and let's not forget African American) President Elect in the US [which means he's basically the big boss for us too ;-)] but not a lot else is changing :-(
We still have 'sooper' (definately not my word - ever) alan pardew at the helm of our beloved football team, we've not been sold to zillionaires, the playing staff is still the same (despite being told otherwise) and ... hang on, I can notice a change - which has to stop!
Some quarters are going soft on our (present) guv'nor - now is not the time for this and even if he does turn things around (and I have to admit I'd love to see us win the next 3,000 games let alone 3 - but can't see either happening even with whatever new hope Mr Obama brings the world) temporarily that's really the best he can hope for - He must go and ASAP - weeks ago in my opinion because every day, every week he carries on we are moving backwards as a team and as a club.
Come on comrades - are we tottingham ficklespurs fans? No we're bloody Charlton Athletic fans and we stand by our convictions. We wanted the Valley back and we got it, we wanted fans voices to be heard on the board and we got it, we wanted division one football and we got it (occassionally), we wanted 'big name' player and packed houses and we got them - now what do we want?
WE WANT PARDEW OUT!!! and don't you dare forget it young man!!!
On a lighter (?) note we travel SW at the weekend for another expected defeat. I'm fed up of my own pessimism to be honest but can only predict a 2-0 home win (although I pray I'm wrong).
Those making the long journey we salute you - The team we emplore you, come on u reds. I'm praying that at last we'll start to see Semedo taking the central pin role of the team on which we can build with certainty that he will do his job allowing others to do theirs. Martin Luther King had a dream - let's please not lose ours.
You can't join the Junior Reds but you can JOIN THE REDVOLUTION !!!


Anonymous said...

I'm still with you 2D&P. Viva la redvolution!

Second Division And Proud said...

affirmative comrde daggs
i know we can count on slid upstanding supporters like you
VIVA Indeed :-)

Always A Better Day said...

Jose Semedo is not a god but we do have to build a team. Unfortunately we have to sacrifice the leader to allow the troops to fight for the authority to play. The team could then fall into place.
We have many good players which other clubs have proven, can be a successful formula but the right motivator and leader needs to be selected first.
The REDvolution and Pardew out will go a way to finding this.