Sunday, November 23, 2008


Phew ... where to begin? So many titles came to mind for this blog but in the end I’ve plumed for the above – too bloody long in the making but finally here – Ladies and Gentlemen, The REDVOLUTION is alive and well in Sarf East London.

I’m not going to dwell on the match too long as we all know what a(nother) horror that was. I must admit I just dozed off on the journey home and even Take That night on the X-Factor and plenty of cheap (but strong) lager, whilst bringing a couple of smiles to my face, couldn’t bring me out of the trance I was in. Then I checked my phone which had rudely been beeping away in an attempt to interrupt Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard – pardew had left. At this point I didn’t know how, why or even whether it was true or not but by the time I logged onto t’internet the Beeb confirmed it (although the fact that I couldn’t get onto the OS – presumably due to volume of traffic – almost did the job). How do I feel? I must admit there’s no joyous relief come to me yet – I’m saving that (hopefully) for the announcement of our next permanent manager (and my favourite for the position is no secret ;-) Relief is the word that best describes it – like a once great rock band toiling 17 years to bring an album which can never live up to the hype, it’s here – or rather he isn’t.

The way I write my post weekend match blog is pretty standard - I normally get a few beers down my neck on a Sunday night and start hammering at the typewriter (oops – keyboard) with gay abandon and then post whatever drivel has come out of my fingers – and yes before you say it I know I’m no Oscar Wilde, but my therapist says it’s better for me that the drugs and alcohol so here I am. I rarely read any reports and never read any other blogs before posting, safe in the knowledge that the opinions I offer are genuinely mine – not curried by having read the far superior intellect or wit of some more esteemed bloggers amongst us. It’s been pointed out to me that I rarely use spellchecker and that’s correct – it just doesn’t seem that important when my Italian friend Signori Peroni is with me. However, I had already decided on the way home on Saturday to treat my post match blog in a different way to usual. The events of Saturday night had tempted me to change that approach and post haste but I decided to stick by my original plan of action.

I first stated I thought we should change the manager in my October 1st post (after shamefully losing to the nigels) and two days later christened the revolution before continuing with the name change (or was that another drunken typo?). Others joined willingly, in particular Pedro 45 (who offers amongst the very best of the Charlton blogs around) who breathed new life into it and brought its attention to a far wider audience. Some joined and left whilst others still would not be drawn into the ‘gorilla’ operation. Well ladies and gentlemen, wherever you stood shall be remembered when the bullets are handed out but for now an amnesty is declared in the spirit of democracy – after all we’re not fascists (or are we?). I’ve decided this week to read a few other blogs before posting so that I could see what others are thinking about this important time for the club – after all, the REDVOLTION was never intended for a small few – it’s for all of us Addickted – and those saucepan lids which will hopefully follow us for years to come ...

Comrade Daggs’ (for whose patronage and comments I am truly grateful) comment was the first thing I read after the match as his 5:28PM comment hit my blackcurrant on the way home ...
Open the Doors. "this is the end" - Indeed sir - but an end is required for a new start

Blackheath Addicted obviously got online before the news and asked ‘can pardew suffice this?’ whilst giving his highest mark (8/10) to REDVOLUTION hero Semedo. Response (at the time of writing is mixed regarding Jose and RS said ‘I don’t envy whoever has the job of sorting out this mess’

A Red Divided came back after a few weeks off due to work commitments to state that ‘pardew’s position is untenable’ continuing that ‘he looks short of ideas and the team look short of confidence, leadership and inspiration’

All Quiet In The East Stand almost waited until after the news and noted ‘some fans say pardew sarcastically applauded the home fans after he trudged off following his worst ever defeat at Charlton’ before ending with the mason chipping out his tombstone

Deepest Darkest noted that ‘over 300 fans gathered behind the West Stand demanding that alan pardew be sacked’ and that there was an ‘emergency board meeting in progress’

All Quiet In The East Stand was back on line again to confirm the news that not only had pardew left but Phil Parkinson ‘will be in charge for the game at QPR on Tuesday, to which he ‘might even o to Loftus Road now’. The responses started with ‘fucking hope so’, ‘get this twat out!’ before referring to the booing of ‘that CU Next Tuesday’ in the dugout’ Strong response indeed – and at last some might say

New York Addick was first to ask about a successor – but I’m not going to go there today, aside from being pleased with his mention of a certain Italian ex of ours for whom I admittedly have more than a passing admiration for.

The oft thought provoking intelligence of Wyn Grant thanked pardew for what he ‘tried to do’ whilst referring to his ‘ironic wave at the booing Covered End’ along with mentions of the emergency meetings (and Keith Peacock’s alleged involvement) as well as some ‘inside’ information on who will be the next full time occupant of our home dug out before expressing opinions including ‘that they (the players) are (talented)’. As usual Wyn draws some good feedback so please check out his page if you haven’t already.

Pedro 45 takes the comical approach of a letter penned by Waghorn in which he rightly points out that ‘when I finally got a touch of the ball, I did lay on the second Charlton goal’ – from the rest it’s difficult to pick the best as it’s just had me laughing for quite a while – so again I recommend you visit a blog far superior to this twaddle.

Within half an hour Pedro returned with the gem ‘The simple facts are that he lost the dressing room, lost the fans, and lost all semblance of hope when he just wouldn’t stop tinkering with the team every week, and then came out with a host of excuses that blamed everyone and everything apart from himself.’ I couldn’t have put it better myself – seriously I could have only tried.

Chicago Addick put it that pardew’s reign ‘had the great potential to be an exciting new act in the club's history but sadly instead turned into an ugly horror show’ before adding that ‘the board has made the right decision, but the next decision will be the hardest of all’ – here, here CA but who do you mean when you say ‘Let the rumours begin but please not another ex-West Ham manager’ – ‘Arry (who is the inspiration behind the creation of this blog) isn’t going to leave tottingham for us surely?

Fittingly Frankie Valley finished the night of with such gems as ‘Pards is free to go watch some proper football. Pards - you are one lucky, lucky, BASTARD.’ Before raising the next big debate of ‘So who will be the next lamb to the slaughter Charlton manager then?’ Indeed Frankie that is what we are all wondering.

There have been more postings today, coupled with extensive media coverage, and I apologise for not mentioning them all, as I also apologise for not writing a ‘proper’ blog and rather (unoriginally) pinching bits from others – a bit like when the writers of shows like friends can’t come up with that next story, they do a flashback episode where all but 2 minutes are just ‘borrowed’ along the way.

On the OS pardew called it ‘bloody awful’ and for more times than I care to remember, I again agree with the words of others – perhaps we will all become united now?

1 pardew out (check!)

1 Action mission statement (see above)
2 Replace aforementioned manager with the legendary Paulo DiCanio (open to debate in the coming days – to which I will obviously add my two lires worth)
3 National recognition of the Real Second Division table (well Reuters and have referred to us as a Second Division team so I think we’re on our way here)
4 Gillian Anderson to be put in charge of forming cheerleader team (time to get serious!)
5 Get Jose Semedo in the team – every week! (check!)
6 Reinstate the Junior Reds (come on fans forum – time to pull your finger out ;-)

You see from the above we can make a difference, so I’m going to finish by adding point 7 (and I’m open to suggestions) ...
7 “WE WANT OUR CHARLTON BACK” (I think we’ve started that but the fight is far from over – let’s all keep together on this one – please)


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Always A Better Day said...

The TT addage that we'd need Patience has come to fruition but now we need some inspiration or could it be magic in the coming days. I thought that I found heaven when the text messages started coming in but I realised that you are the one who started the redvolution that is now with us. Now I cannot see that everything changes around the club but hopefully PP will express his own views on the team.

Sure nobody else is showing their hand but never forget that we have been on a downward spiral since Curb's left. I was one who thought it was a good time for him to go and would not want him back, for good times are surely going to come again.

Now we cannot expect promises about the upcoming games and the day after tomorrow will possibly see a positive result but a defeat will not leave me holding back the tears but I would hate it if we cannot improve on saturday's debacle. From today (sunday) to saturday next week we would pray for 6 points but every guy and gal at the matches wants to be entertained.

A million love songs later (listening to poor radio last night on Invicta FM) I realised that it is a beautiful world out there and I'd wait for life to direct us with the team. I knew that to hold on and we would be rewarded and now is the time that

Charlton can rule the world!!!
(Or at least Division Two anyway)