Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Couldn’t get much worse could it? Another defeat, 21st out of 22 in the league, 1 point off rock bottom, more goals shipped than any other team in div 2, ex manager going to take a big pay out just before Christmas and the Jan sales (which will be more like us having a sale than visiting one), caretaker manager might go down for running over his brother Max ... sorry I can’t go on ...

Oh yes you can! (it is pantomime season after all – cue more jokes)
This is Charlton after all and this is when we’re at our best isn’t it? Backs to the wall with a big pile of shit facing us. So we lost last night? So what! Did you really expect Mr Branning to turn it around in his first match? The REDVOLUTION has started so let's give him (and the board) time. He made some changes to personnel, attitude, formation etc and the performance was by all accounts an improvement on what we’ve recently witnessed – and remember he’s only babysitting (for the time being at least). I’m looking at this as a window of opportunity. We can bring in a new (or maybe old ;-) manager (and I’m not ruling out the caretaker or our last decent manager at the moment), ship out some of the wasters come January, bring in a few fresh faces who want to fight for their place, blood some of the youngsters we have and turn this whole mess round. Why? Because we are Charlton, Super Charlton and this is the light that never goes out.
The board have done the right thing and got rid of bloody pardew, installed a sensible interim option and will now be working damned hard to get it right for the first time since Lwellyn took over all those years ago. I for one appreciate there will be no instant fix and whatever happens on Saturday we will get out of this - together!!!

Whilst writing, thought I’d add a comment on a few more of the names being bandied around to (possibly) take over from the caretaker on a full time basis ...

Paulo DiCanio - What can I say? Class, enthusiasm, contacts, passion, passion and more passion!

Mark Bowen - Able assistant and ex Addick – may be able to make the step up?
Glen Hoddle - I know this would be a popular appointment with some but I guess he’d want a salary even bigger than his ego

Keith Peacock - great servant, but not now
Lawrie Sanchez - so uninspiring I’m falling asleep just thinki.....................

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