Friday, November 14, 2008

Ho Hum Silver

So the loan arranger has done it again - or rather he hasn't! We'll have new faces in for Plymouth - except we didn't! They'll be here in time for Brum - or not! Don't get me wrong, I don't think loans are the answer (and I don't think many do) - rather get someone to 'manage' the team, ie use the resources to their best potential though organisation, motivation etc - that's what 'managing' is about isn't it. Come the REDVOLUTION, come a real Manager!

But why oh why does the current position holder insist on blowing hot air all the time? If you say something, like I will sign someone this week, you've got to be able to back it up with action - particularly in these media frenzied days. If you're unsure SHUT UP! (please do) The Charlton way would be that of mysterious silence until something was a done deal when they could announce with gusto and fact - earning respect at the same time - but not any more, now we are dazzled with the oft not followed through claims of team changes / loans etc on a weekly basis. Another point of management is if you say you're going to do something - do it - or you'll lose the respect of your team - sound familiar?
Anyway, according to the OS, we've given up on trying to win (which is no surprise really) and are this Saturday are looking for a 'favourable result'. Well I'm epecting us to getthumped 3-0 although a 'favourable result' would be pardew to resign and the boys to run out 3-0 winners but thenI'm clearly delusional. Have a favourable weekend fellow Addickted.


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Anonymous said...

Okay (i've posted before and am in agreement with your kindred philosophies, and still carnt spell).

Point One:- 'wft'( apparently that means a great deal in cyber world as a statement)is going on with the whole 'loanage' system. Back in the day loans did happen. However it has become a strange and convaluted thing, as opposed to the old fashioned 'try before you buy' or get him off the payroll situation.

Now we have one month loans (whats the point ?) And the famous 'emergency loan' - which makes a mockery of the completely usless transfer window. Basically, a first teamer get's injured and you go to the fa and say we have NO COVER HELP US PLEEEEASE !!! And they go okay we will, you can cheat and have that emergency loan. Happy day's for all. No I say. What it means is, the end of the utility player. No one tell me Stevie Gritt is not a legend. The guy wore all twelve numbers on his back during his Charlton career, and unlike most of the current shower, always gave his all, irrespective of ability. And in his era that was common place. Every team had a 'utility player' and I'd bet all of them have a place in the respective clubs folklore. It also means that rather than making do and ending up accidently finding an absolute and unexpected gem from the youth team, managers lazily (and generally unsuccessfully), pull in players who make little or no impact other than making up the numbers. (Point of refernce, last season's plethora of crap loanee's), if Pardew had stuck with what he was stuck with, we may actually have developed this thing called 'a team' (see the ox eng dic for a definition)& ended up with a higher finish. And then of course there's the 'Lets cheat' loan, google the word Tevis (still cant spell) and you'll get a general idea of what I mean.

The 'half season' loan is the worst if they actually perform. Manager doesn't like player. Manager loans out player, in the hope that there is actually more chance of another club buying the player, if he plays. (Not wanting to admit a mistake and just pay up his contract). Player goes out on loan. Is a revelation. Club whom loaned in player can't afford him (which is why they needed loanee's in the first place)and during the transfer window he is recalled (because he has scored 1000 goals) or sold to someone who can afford him, because he has done so well. Club who had him on loan, plummets down the table because he was thier linch pin.

I've ranted so much, that I cannot remember what point number two was going to be. So will need to make a new one up.

Point Two:- Once the Revolution does come. (If it doesn't i'll eat my traniers - having said that, i made a similar promise to my dad about 15 or so years ago, Leaburn scored a hat trick away to Ipswich and when I got home from work was served up boiled addidas by said father) perhaps Mr Pardew could pursue a career in party politics (empty promises based on unfounded and basic information)