Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well we got a bloody point didn’t we? Didn’t expect that did you? Me neither. Hell most newspapers even claim we’re out of the relegation places (wrongly – as the real second division table (right) shows). So let’s dance in the streets - interest rates are down, Charlton are staying up, Take That have a new record coming out, we’re all saved - pardew is the new messiah. Well maybe not the last one but let’s savour the (small) moment and see what happened. I’m sure many others will go into more in depth, analytical, intellectual details than a stoopid sod like me could ever contemplate so here it is in the dumbed down version.
Semedo started and we got an away point against play off challengers Plymouth. For this I take full credit as it is the REDVOLUTION in my head which believes he should be in the side every week. No he’s not God but guess what? He’s bloody good at what he does (that may not be spectacular or everyone’s cup of tea – but bloody effectual) and consistent. That’s the key – he’s bloody consistent, reliable, whatever you want to call it – you can call on him. Sound like anything else going on in SE7 these days? Not on your nelly so let’s stick with him and see where we can build up to – Jose the REDVOLUTION salutes you.
As for pardew – well if his ‘thorough planning’ consists of nicking ideas of an young upstart blog written by an old piss head like me then he has yet again show how bloody useless he is – and he must go – soon.

The real reason for the song inspired title this week is a personal one – although it has a vague Charlton link. I’ve been working away from home for a while now on what can in football language be compared to a loan period. In other words, by bringing me in my boss has shown complete lack of belief in those already there, my colleagues don’t really want me there, the fans don’t really want me there, I know it’s not a long term prospect, I’m overweight and unfit, not giving my all – oops sorry meant to be talking about me not football loans ;-) Anyway on Friday afternoon I left the office early to attend an interview for a company within walking distance of my house. Nerves were building on the long journey home but – a mere couple of hundred yards away from the place – I passed an ex Charlton first teamer (identities will be withheld to protect the innocent). The nerves left and my current constant vitriol flooded out of my body as a rare smile came across my face. I spent the last seconds walking to the interview thinking of this Charlton legend and happier days at the Valley, went in a great mood with no last chance for last chance nerves and blitzed it – job offer there and then, thank you very much! So I’ll be handing in my notice on Monday and starting to work on the all important ‘work life balance’ everyone’s talking about these days. Aside from sharing my joyous news I do have a point – I was uplifted by the mere fleeting presence of a man I don’t even know personally. Yet we have a squad of players clearly playing below both their individual and team capabilities – makes you wonder doesn’t it? (If not - I don’t care, I got me a new job :-)


Anonymous said...

Congrats SDAP. Do enjoy handing in your notice, and whilst I wouldn't advocate burning bridges, enjoy every opportunity of your last days to exact sweet and subtle revenge.

Pembury Addick

Pedro45 said...

Go for it SDAP!

Second Division And Proud said...

thank you gents both ;-)

Always A Better Day said...

On the move again SDAP. Not really a loan signing but more like Marcus Bent. You know, a guy with as many clubs as Tiger Woods. Or perhaps it is Neil Redfearn!!! Join a ship, help it sink and move on to the next one.
Either way, popularity is a strange thing and sometimes it is not necessary but hopefully your new post will resolve many issues. Both at work and play.

Remember that loyalty is a thing of the past but doing something that you enjoy (err! if that is the right word for employment) is far more important than money. Obviously a good pay packet helps.

Hopefully this will be a permanent resolution. All the best.