Friday, August 29, 2008


So a long trip oop norf awaits our boys tomorrow (without Linvoy who needs to get match fit – and presumably Chantelle who looks pretty fit anyway – and probably isn’t a big Preston fan either – I’ll be in front of sky sports with a couple of tins if you’re at a loose end love). Anyway, after the good win against Reading last week it’s back to earth with a bump and a trip to the sort of place JFH, (Marcus) Bent and the like would have loathed – however in players like Luke Varney and our new ginga ninja hopefully we have some attitude, battle, resilliance or call it what you will. The team may be lacking the ‘big name stars’ (yuk) of a couple of years ago but maybe now we can start to become a team again (without too much tinkering). That’s why I’m plumming for a 2-1 win for the boys in red and white – goals courtesy of the two aforementioned players.

Elsewhere I’m going for home wins for Burnley, Reading, Southampton (who take on the tangerine seasiders in the televised early KO) and Wolves – aways for Birmingham (who continue marching on at the lead of div 2), Coventry, Derby (yes a Derby win which will leave Barnsley at the foot). To complete the round up I’ll go for draws between Bristol City and QPR as well as the late kick off between Watford and Ipswich.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

And then there were eight ...

Despite some valiant performances against first division opposition (and less valiant against third division teams) there now remain only eight representatives of the second division in this year's league cup.

In terms of predictions I fared OK with 9 out of 13 and to follow the line from Charlton to Yeovil to Middlesbrough who take over the baton there - no doubt to lose in the next round.
So good luck to Burnley, Derby, Ipswich (thanks to a goal by Super Kevin Lisbie), QPR, Reading, Sheffield United, Southampton and Watford in the next round. Remember it's not just your club you're representing but the proud old second division ... up and at em boys!!!
Apparently Leeds won as well ;-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


No relationship to the second division or Charlton I know but using this page to promote a good cause, which is taking place this Sunday. Lots of charities involved and it costs just £2 to sponsor a duck – I think there’s a prize but that’s not the point. Personally I’m a supporter of NSPCC so please log on and check out and you can help them with their good work. Remember the NSPCC are trying to stop this sort of preposterous thing happening to innocent kids!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Very quick post as it’s the second today (couldn’t get out of a pub across bank holiday weekend to sit at a PC!)
With 13 second division teams playing in the league cup second round tonight and tomorrow I’ll just wish (most of) them luck ...

I’ll be really, really bold by saying that I predict Burnley, Bristol City, Colchester, QPR, Reading, Wolves, Watford and Sheff U will triumph against lower league opposition whilst Coventry and Forest will falter to first division Newcastle and Sunderland respectively. With two all second division ties I’ll plum for Preston to win against Derby and Brum against the Saints. Meanwhile glance a sly eye as Third division Yeovil, and Valley victors in the last round, take on mighty Middlesbrough ... Cider, cider, cider!!!


So, with 20,000 (erm?) in attendance, 6 goals, 4 penalties (all debatable), 4 bookings, 3 strikes of the woodwork, 1 red card and a birthday boy in Bartram’s even Messrs Weller, Foxton et Buckler would be hard pressed to give more value for money than was dished out at the Valley on Saturday. With new boys coming in for their first home league match and a general anticipation of a hard fought afternoon and keeping it respectable the sun shone down on the Valley and the natives … Reading hadn’t conceded in the league yet so the scouse / croydon midget must have been pleased with them shipping 4 ...

Weaver (7/10) Needs to get a consistent defence in front of him but starting to make saves
Basey (6) Not likely to retain the slot after Youga’s suspension if you ask me
Hudson (7) Not his best performance since joining a London team but better than many of the defensive performances we’ve seen over the last few years
Fortune (6) Looks like he’s going to be sitting on the bench for a while now … wish you joined Stoke?
Moutaouakil (7) Another promising performance as he stood solid at the back as well as getting forward for some attacking support
Bouazza (8) 2DAP MOM
Bailey (8) Settling in well and showed in patches that he’s capable of bossing games at this level … not much of the summer sun left now so just see how he goes then!
Holland (7) Must admit I’ve thought he’s been past it for a few years now but frequently proves me wrong – ran solidly for the team and deserved the goal
Sam (7) Showed sometimes the simple move can be the best one
Varney (7) Again ran around a lot but seemed to link with others a bit better
Gray (7) Best performance in a red shirt to date … starting to look more like Andy Hunt than JFH
Ambrose (sub for Sam) Came on late but good to see him back in the squad
Semedo (sub for Moutaouakil) Another late substitution who looked solid as usual

2DAP MOM : Bouazza – Booked for remonstrating after the retaken penalty but made up for it with a great goal to seal the points. In between ran tirelessly and showed why he’s worth £2M (well everybody else seems to want to say it every time his names mentioned ;-)
Moment of the match : Nicky Weaver’s 2 penalty saves (well neither went in did they) … oh how my son (who loves Nicky Weaver) was overjoyed to hear (and subsequently see) that
Statler and Wardorf : Oh so very quiet! In fact the quietest I’ve ever know them to be. I was expecting to be writing pages on this subject but alas .. sorry I mean hoorah no, not a dickie bird. Perhaps a lovers tiff? Perhaps readers of this blog? Who knows?

Have we seen enough red cards and penalties for the season yet … bloody hell no … Here’s my roundup of the rest of div 2 action from the weekend …

Brum 3 matches, 3 Kevin Phillips Goals, 3 wins, top of the table … repeat for the season?
Barnsley 3 matches, 3 defeats, bottom of the table ... ???

Blackpool continue to struggle whilst Sheff U seem to be getting it right. Even at 38 Gary Speed shows he can still pull the strings, and wades in with a goal too, whilst Greg Halford keeps up appearances for ex Addicks everywhere.

So one croydon twat of a manager leaves and another joins … thankfully their undefeated run ends … and taffy coleman gets sent off … who cares about the goals – not me lol

croydon 0 – BURNLEY 0
So Burnley pick up their first point of the campaign and a big well done to them say all of us! The Sunday morning ITV show used the word mediocrity but with two nigels sent off and the manager adopting his usual persecuted whinge this joins Charlton and Forest’s wins up there a highlights of the day for me … how was it for you tango man? Not scored yet? Everyone else has – even Barnsley

Southampton’s young side ‘hammer’ Derby 1-0 – what can I say except ha ha ha

Super Kev v ‘super’ Chris … and neither score, remembering their Addicks form Wolves move up to second - I’m so pleased for you mick … really I am

A result that shows what this league is all about … and why anyone can beat anyone. No offence (at all) to Forest but they’re not fancied and for some reason Wimbledon … sorry I mean Watford are. Another game, like that at the Valley, with plenty of goals and excitement. Love the second division and respect to the trees – good to see one of the old skool ‘big clubs’ back from the lower leagues IMO. Great long range goal to open the match for Forest and twice more they had to take the lead when Watford equalised but they’re moving on up.

Money can’t buy me love so the Beatles sang … dowie seems to be able to buy the points now (shame about the crap you wasted millions on us for you twat!) but good looks … not even your new employers can help you there

Preston drop first point of season and slip to fourth whilst Wednesday opt for a more ‘usual’ scoreline – after 4-1 for and 1-4 against.

Prediction round up : erm ... just 4 out of 10 this week I’m afraid but we won and the nigels had two ‘men’ sent off and haven’t scored yet so who cares

Next week we travel to fourth placed Preston, with will be another tough test – keep ‘em coming that’s what the thirty ninth best league in the world is all about … UP THE ADDICKS

Friday, August 22, 2008


Just a quick pre-match ramble here as the bank holiday weekend beckons starting with poets day ...
So tomorrow we take on the fancied royals of Reading and ‘welcome’ their (ex croydon scouse – what a terrible combination!) manager steve Coppell to the Valley in the Sky TV early kick off.
No Todorov, Ambrose, Racon, McCleod (all injured), Youga (suspended), ZZ (still recovering from his visit to some event full of people running around in their pants and vests?), Jerome Thomas (now joining the herminator on a full time basis), Sinclair, Wagstaff, Aswad Thomas ++ (loans) and Basey doubtful means pardew will be scrapping around for a team. Well maybe not the first 11 but the bench isn’t going to be bulging with superstars is it?
Anyway, regardless of this I’d predict a defeat anyway (pessimistic bastard I am early on but then Watford and Reading are good sides in this league) – I’m plumming for 0-2 unfortunately but hope I’m wrong

Elsewhere I’m predicting home wins for Brum, Cov and QPR – away wins for Sheff U, Burnley, Wolves, Watford and Preston (yes 5 aways!) with a draw at Derby – with 9 out of 10 right last week I might even put a couple of quid on a perm


Thursday, August 21, 2008


These two ‘gentlemen’ sit near me and my friend at the Valley and, if you weren’t trying to watch your beloved Addicks in action every week they’d probably be very amusing. Each week they talk the same old tripe, including a suspiciously high volume of tottingham hotspurs discussion (!?!) before starting to discuss what time train to get home ... in the 50th minute ... aren’t the train routes and times the same every week? Bloody hell!
Anyway, I have to put up with them, so you will share in moments of their madness / genius ... you decide!
Quote of the match against swansea ... ‘It’s (the midfield) never been the same since Kishishev left’ Fair enough you may say (although I know many would disagree with differing aspects of this statement) but ... these two guys never, ever, never, ever said a single good word about the Bulgarian workhorse in all the time he stomped around the valley. Even when he’d run 60 yards to make a goal saving challenge they’d say he was out of position or the like ... aaaaargh, another season of this drivel ... good job they sell alcohol at half time ... Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Statler and Waldorf

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Former Addicks 4 – Current Addicks 0

Whilst we were struggling to keep a full team on the pitch, let alone score any goals, some of our ‘old boys’ were not having quite the same trouble ...
With new ginger signing Nicky Bailey coming in for Jonjo, Pardew pretty much resorted to the team that played our last friendly against Swansea a week earlier. Going back to what they used to do, did they ever stop?, a typically route one Watford goal where the keeper can claim the assist let Tommy Smith slip through a sleeping defence and past the rotund Weaver. Didn’t look / sound like a great game from what I heard / read etc so both teams will have to pull their socks up sharpish if they want to get back to the big money. Shame to see R Kelly sent off and, whilst I’m not one of the majority of supporters who believes every decision should be in their favour I did feel he was harshly dismissed. Nice to see Nicky Weaver making a quality save too ... sadly I predicted a single goal defeat but then my prophecys were correct in 9 of the 10 matches with only the draw at Norwich beating me. We now sit a sad 20th with no goals or points yet. Next up Reading ... bugger!!
So 2 wins, 4 points and top of the table show that life can only get better after dowie. Barnsley’s Howard scored with a beautifully timed run but it was Coventry’s Eastwood who stole the show with a goal and an assist – and 1 of the 8 cards (7 yellow + 1 red) shared out during the match. Next up for the early leaders are Bristol City so I can see them extending this run.
The late kick off for sky saw some nice open play down the right lead to a good goal for City – only for Manager’s son Lee Johnson to give the ball away for the equiliser – oh dear son!
2 games, 2 goals, that’s our Kev – the model of consistency – if only! So Burnley are rooted to the bottom with nil points and -6 goal diff whilst arguments must have been abound in Suffolk as to whether Kev’s scoring fetes after heading in (again) after a rebound or the skydiver landing on the roof of the stand was the most bizarre act of the afternoon – welcome to the wacky world of Ipswich Town!
‘highight’ of this match has to be the miss by Lupoli which would even have made geoff thomas whinge ... oh dear
PRESTON 2 – croydon 0
Preston move to second with a fine win ... what can I say ... nothing that would make this any better that’s for sure ... well done North End
Next weeks visitors to the Valley pick up a good win with Sonko scoring two headers and former Addick (and fanit chav) Leroy Lita trying his hand with a spectacular overhead volley
I’ll avoid the sharp / blade puns and say the hat trick was a header, a composed strike from the edge and a scrappy finish to seal it ... all together now, ‘let’s all laugh at dowie’
An entertaining and lively match saw my pre season picks to win the league continue in fine form, but the Saints looked half decent too. A few disallowed offside goals, a rare actual goal for former Addicks defender Chris Perry and some great play from ex goner Quincey and Jerome showed that you can play attractive football and win at this level. I’ve got to say from what I’ve seen of Quincey in the past and this season Birmingham could have a potential star on their hands here . Oh yeah and the usual (well two weeks anyway) Kevin Phillips coming off the bench to score the winner ... are you Solskjaer in disguise?

Having won 4-1 last week Wednesday were on the receiving end this week, despite taking an early lead. Big jock and former Addick Chris Iwelumo notched a couple with a cleanly won header (what?) and running through with pace (what?) to tap in a rebound off the post ... Lisbie, Perry and Iwelumo all score, sorry gotta go and lie down!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Say hi to Herman while you’re there

So, one player not featuring against Watford tomorrow will be Jerome Thomas and, whilst I’m sure there’s some logic behind it I feel it’s a shame really. I’ve always liked ‘JT’ as a player – even when being too flash / lazy you knew he could change a game – if only he wanted to, so perhaps div 1 is the place for him. With Bouazza coming in all starts to make sense although I doubt he’s on less than Thomas the prospect of cash from Pompey (who became the first team to win the FA Cup with a walkover in the final last year ;-) would be hard to resist. I actually though Thomas had started to show some good form pre / early season so I’ll miss him, even if not all Addicks will. Well I say good luck Jerome – show them what you can do ... and say hi to the Hermanator.

And of down the yellow brick road to Watford the team wander tomorrow. Sorry to be a pessimist but I’m predicting a 2-1 defeat with Varney grabbing our goal. Hopefully I’ll carry on my 0/1 result predictions so far for the season and the lads can prove me wrong ... come on u reds!!!

Elsewhere in Div 2 Bristol City take on Derby in the televised clash and I’ll predict a bore draw there. I’m also going for home wins for Norwich, Preston, Reading and Wolves, aways for Coventry, Ipswich and Brum and a draw at Sheff U v QPR. Elsewhere Doncaster and Forest have a free weekend but I here rumours they’re both planning exhibition matches ... don’t do it guys, take advantage of the rest. With 71% of results correctly predicted in the week I’m confident I can continue the run ... maybe?

PS – don’t forget the championship programme on Sunday shows bits of the second division :-)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


So, on the day that all four second division teams progressed as (unexclusively) predicted here at 2DAP to the second round of the League Cup, Charlton were signing a ginge! Oh woe is me, the shame of it – no seriously one of my best friends is a ginger, I also know people of ethnic minorities and gays – I don’t mind any of them, just not the taffs in our league ;-) In terms of gingers I’ve a bit of a soft spot really and Gillian Anderson, Patsy Palmer, Lindsey Lohan, Gillian Anderson, Nicole Kidman, Fergie (not that one!), Shirley Manson, Gillian Anderson, Louis Griffin and even Catherine Tate are welcome at the Valley (or round mine) anytime as far as I’m concerned ... did I mention Gillian Anderson?
No Halliwell though – she’s a head the ball!!!
Welcome Nicky Bailey, we’ll get the sun cream ready ;-)

So with 14 second division teams progressing to round two, most have avoided each other with only Southampton v Birmingham and Preston v Derby creating two all round two, division two ties. Elsewhere Coventry and Forest, as well as the Valley victors of Tuesday Yeovil, get money spinning ties against first division opponents.
Good luck to them, they'll bloody need it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cider, Cider, Cider!

So a huge crowd of 632 people crammed into the Valley last night and boy were they disappointed? Well personally no – not that I’m defending the defeat but (prediction of 3-0 win aside) you’ve got to almost expect it really. Usual poor fare for the first league cup match of the season and, that’s right, Charlton out – at least they spared us from extra time. Congratulations to Yeovil who worked hard for their win and deserve a good draw in the next round.

So George Doors ...

Elliot (5/10) Looked out of place, well at goalkeeping anyway – looked as dangerous as some outfield players late on
Basey (6/10) Looked more comfortable in second half at left back rather than first when the side didn’t seem to have much shape to it
Youga (8/10) Solid performance whether at full back, centre back, attacking, kicking opponents, whatever
Fortune (6/10) Went off injured and was below his best even until then
Moutaouakil (6/10) Can be international class as we’ve seen but then can play like last night too
Wagstaff (5/10) Early doors so I’ll not be too critical – If he’s going to make it he needs these games so I’m not complaining
Holland (7/10) Ran tirelessly but didn’t show the leadership you’d expect on a night like this
Shelvey (8/10) SDAP MOM – See below
J Thomas (7/10) Actually tried to take people on without being flash, stood up to a few challenges – come on JT you can do it!
Bouazza (6/10) Should have scored early on but seems to be settling in – watch this space
Varney (6/10) Another headless chicken night tonight – started really well but then seemed to be chasing shadows
Semedo (Sub 7/10) Usual solid performance – why doesn’t he play more – anywhere?
Sam (Sub 6/10) Like JT ha an on off button Pardew needs to find out how to work
Dickson (Sub 7/10) Usual livewire performance – shame he couldn’t breakthrough

Moment of the match : Has to be Elliott’s foray forward for the 4 or 5 corners at the death – almost woke some people up in the lower West

2DAP MOM : Has to be Jonjo – another performance where he looked a class above his more experienced colleagues – I’m trying not to get too excited about Jonjo but if we’d paid £3M to a club from a higher league I’d be over the moon but he’s 16 and cost us nowt ... woohoo!!! J

As for the other results ... well I got that slightly wrong too with just 10 of our 17 second division representatives progressing ... although I did predict Crewe & MK Dons (well done Roberto) getting the results they wanted
Let’s hope the ‘big’ four out tonight do better than some of us ... I expect a clean sweep

Coventry v Aldershot
Forest v Morecombe
Sheff U v Port Vale
Wycombe v Birmingham

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spot the difference ...

Well I'm off to the Valley tonight and I know I'm only interested in one ... the English Football League Cup ... do you know which one it is yet?

And here for your perusal is a list of the 17 fixtures featurng second division teams tonight ...

Bristol C v Peterborough
Bury v Burnley
Crewe v Barnsley
Dagenham v Reading
v Lincoln
Exeter v Soton
v Leyton
Luton v Plymouth
Macclesfield v Blackpool
MK Dons v Norwich
Notts C v Doncaster
v Chesterfield
Sheff W v Rotherham
Swindon v QPR
v Bristol R
Wolves v Accrington

Im predicting 14 safe entries into round 2 with Crewe, Exeter and MK Dons providing possible 'upsets'
As for the Addicks I'll go for 3-0 with Jonjo, Varney and Sam doing the do ...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Spread the word ...

There’s a programme that ITV put out on a Sunday called the championship (judging by the presenter I guess it’s supposed to be about gaelic football or something similar) that ... wait for it, shows bits ‘n’ bobs of second division football. They should advertise that really because I couldn’t find any mention of it anywhere and (without sky sports) was wondering where I’d get my weekly three seconds of Charlton action from.

Anyway, I was going to start of by welcoming Doncaster to the second division but they seem to have done that themselves ... well done Donny! Their match is one of the reasons I love propa football at this level, you don’t have to have billions or wait on line for the ‘big four’ to steamroller you each season, as Hull City supporters will surely tell you. I recently predicted that Derby would make the play offs whilst Doncaster left for the third a bit sharpish but I take that back. Based on this performance (and as most blokes will tell you, one swallow does not a wife make) it could well be the other way around ... and I really hope so. You’ve got Derby with their septic chairman talking about ‘global branding’. If that wasn’t enough to make you puke they have a scouse manager who clearly can’t dress himself (and now th’ve dropped a division they can’t afford to pay someone to do it for him – come on jewell I know it’s probably a while since you’ve been in court but surely your daughter, sister, wife, granny or someone could have helped?) and just to wrap it up taffy savage who, like someone like vinnie jones rather than the likes of Paul Ince, may be a whingeing dirty bastard but isn’t actually anywhere near as good as he thinks – or his ‘mates’ / ‘advisers’ tell him. Well I hope they go down! Not much chance I know but we can hope (remember Man City?). Anyway Doncaster turned up at ‘pride park’ and duly nicked the points with a solitary goal. It was a nice smart goal from a team which seems to want to play nice smart football and I again applaud you for that. The newly promoted Rovers could have won by more and although they looked a bit shaky at the back should have had a penalty when Stubbs fouled in the box during the first half.

So whilst, Doncaster were announcing themselves to the world (well those of us who care about second division football – and that mainly excludes the media), Charlton finished their pre-season build up with defeat of daffodil league one team Swansea. We’ve now played two home friendlies – against two foreign teams – and seen two sendings off – all with Danny Mills nowhere to be seen. Anyway I’m mildly optimistic and not just in that my ambitions lie in finishing seventh, which is fully achievable with the right wind. Things look like showing signs of promise if Pardew can get the right mix of youth (Youga, Jonjo et al) and experience (Weaver, Holland) which will form a good building block for the club. We maybe not at the level of Athletic Club of Bilbao who only sign players with a basque ‘connection’ (which some would argue approaches Jack Charlton’s approach to the Irish national team) but at least we can count at least four players in the starting line up on Saturday who got their first real chance at the Valley. Anyway, on with the round up where everyone, barring ourselves and Southampton, have thrown their hat firmly in the ring ...

Two of the divisions more fancied sides met in the early kick off and I tipped Brum to run away with this league. However, any team that plays marcus bent (thanks for the money brady) ahead of Kevin Phillips should reevaluate their management process. Without going into his reasons for joining them from West Brom (I can see a good argument for both sides – not just money – and who knows which sides grass is greener?) Phillips came off the bench to do what he’s been doing for years – grabbing the half chance provided and turning it into points – even at 35years old.

What to say about this? Looked like a bag o’shite really and city shouldn’t kid themselves this will be any continuation of last season.

So the proud yellow canaries were beaten by the team from ghost town – shame L Ward struck a penalty before McKenzie converted a clintons morrisons cross – enough reason to have wanted an away win me thinks but unfortunately the win leaves the sky blues in second

croydon 0 – WATFORD 0
Whist the glaziers continue to finance the ‘boys’ from surrey at the same time as pumping millions into / taking millions out of (your choice) manu ... isn’t there some league rule about that which could get both sides kicked out? ... they continue to change their shirts to replicate greater teams than they ... witness the return o he old peru shirt they wore this weekend. Please someone tell them it doesn’t matter what shirt they wear, they’re still a bunch of nigels! Still Watford hit the bar and had one disallowed for offside so could have been better.

I’m told that Super Kevin Lisbie scored with his head in the second minute here ... yeah right! Still whatever he and Campo did or didn’t do, Preston took the points, partly due to a beautifully hit shot from outside of the box by their captain McKenna.

Twice the pilgrims lead and twice millwall mick’s boys came back – shame, shame, shame!

So how much money can dowie waste ... well I thought it’d be hard to surpass his ‘achievements’ at Charlton but I’m sure he’ll raise the bar at Rangers – if he keeps his gob shut long enough to keep his job. Despite Barnsley taking the early lead, Hall (who hasn’t scored for two years) managed to stick two in and miss a penalty – not a bad outing fo him overall

So they could have gone down on the last d of the season but here they start at the top thanks to two doubles from early leading scorers Tuday and Sodje – but it was only burnley

Meanwhile Forest drew 0-0 with Reading yesterday (hats off to the trees) completing the fixtures for the weekend. As you can see I’ve calculated the ‘real’ table here and will continue to keep it updated on as regular basis as I can ... starting with our first match next week against Watford ... until then Up the Addicks!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Where will it all end? (part 3)

So, very quickly ... sorry I’ve not been posting much ... I’m getting set up to calculate the REAL league table when most teams kick off next week ... then I’ll be keeping you all up to date with where we (et al) are in the league
Nothing much to say about this last bunch really except anybody (from surrey) who thinks I’m too biased can stick it … at least I’m including 'them' in the real second division on the grounds of sexual equality

See ya's all at the 2 home friendlies ;-)