Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Very quick post as it’s the second today (couldn’t get out of a pub across bank holiday weekend to sit at a PC!)
With 13 second division teams playing in the league cup second round tonight and tomorrow I’ll just wish (most of) them luck ...

I’ll be really, really bold by saying that I predict Burnley, Bristol City, Colchester, QPR, Reading, Wolves, Watford and Sheff U will triumph against lower league opposition whilst Coventry and Forest will falter to first division Newcastle and Sunderland respectively. With two all second division ties I’ll plum for Preston to win against Derby and Brum against the Saints. Meanwhile glance a sly eye as Third division Yeovil, and Valley victors in the last round, take on mighty Middlesbrough ... Cider, cider, cider!!!

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