Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, with 20,000 (erm?) in attendance, 6 goals, 4 penalties (all debatable), 4 bookings, 3 strikes of the woodwork, 1 red card and a birthday boy in Bartram’s even Messrs Weller, Foxton et Buckler would be hard pressed to give more value for money than was dished out at the Valley on Saturday. With new boys coming in for their first home league match and a general anticipation of a hard fought afternoon and keeping it respectable the sun shone down on the Valley and the natives … Reading hadn’t conceded in the league yet so the scouse / croydon midget must have been pleased with them shipping 4 ...

Weaver (7/10) Needs to get a consistent defence in front of him but starting to make saves
Basey (6) Not likely to retain the slot after Youga’s suspension if you ask me
Hudson (7) Not his best performance since joining a London team but better than many of the defensive performances we’ve seen over the last few years
Fortune (6) Looks like he’s going to be sitting on the bench for a while now … wish you joined Stoke?
Moutaouakil (7) Another promising performance as he stood solid at the back as well as getting forward for some attacking support
Bouazza (8) 2DAP MOM
Bailey (8) Settling in well and showed in patches that he’s capable of bossing games at this level … not much of the summer sun left now so just see how he goes then!
Holland (7) Must admit I’ve thought he’s been past it for a few years now but frequently proves me wrong – ran solidly for the team and deserved the goal
Sam (7) Showed sometimes the simple move can be the best one
Varney (7) Again ran around a lot but seemed to link with others a bit better
Gray (7) Best performance in a red shirt to date … starting to look more like Andy Hunt than JFH
Ambrose (sub for Sam) Came on late but good to see him back in the squad
Semedo (sub for Moutaouakil) Another late substitution who looked solid as usual

2DAP MOM : Bouazza – Booked for remonstrating after the retaken penalty but made up for it with a great goal to seal the points. In between ran tirelessly and showed why he’s worth £2M (well everybody else seems to want to say it every time his names mentioned ;-)
Moment of the match : Nicky Weaver’s 2 penalty saves (well neither went in did they) … oh how my son (who loves Nicky Weaver) was overjoyed to hear (and subsequently see) that
Statler and Wardorf : Oh so very quiet! In fact the quietest I’ve ever know them to be. I was expecting to be writing pages on this subject but alas .. sorry I mean hoorah no, not a dickie bird. Perhaps a lovers tiff? Perhaps readers of this blog? Who knows?

Have we seen enough red cards and penalties for the season yet … bloody hell no … Here’s my roundup of the rest of div 2 action from the weekend …

Brum 3 matches, 3 Kevin Phillips Goals, 3 wins, top of the table … repeat for the season?
Barnsley 3 matches, 3 defeats, bottom of the table ... ???

Blackpool continue to struggle whilst Sheff U seem to be getting it right. Even at 38 Gary Speed shows he can still pull the strings, and wades in with a goal too, whilst Greg Halford keeps up appearances for ex Addicks everywhere.

So one croydon twat of a manager leaves and another joins … thankfully their undefeated run ends … and taffy coleman gets sent off … who cares about the goals – not me lol

croydon 0 – BURNLEY 0
So Burnley pick up their first point of the campaign and a big well done to them say all of us! The Sunday morning ITV show used the word mediocrity but with two nigels sent off and the manager adopting his usual persecuted whinge this joins Charlton and Forest’s wins up there a highlights of the day for me … how was it for you tango man? Not scored yet? Everyone else has – even Barnsley

Southampton’s young side ‘hammer’ Derby 1-0 – what can I say except ha ha ha

Super Kev v ‘super’ Chris … and neither score, remembering their Addicks form Wolves move up to second - I’m so pleased for you mick … really I am

A result that shows what this league is all about … and why anyone can beat anyone. No offence (at all) to Forest but they’re not fancied and for some reason Wimbledon … sorry I mean Watford are. Another game, like that at the Valley, with plenty of goals and excitement. Love the second division and respect to the trees – good to see one of the old skool ‘big clubs’ back from the lower leagues IMO. Great long range goal to open the match for Forest and twice more they had to take the lead when Watford equalised but they’re moving on up.

Money can’t buy me love so the Beatles sang … dowie seems to be able to buy the points now (shame about the crap you wasted millions on us for you twat!) but good looks … not even your new employers can help you there

Preston drop first point of season and slip to fourth whilst Wednesday opt for a more ‘usual’ scoreline – after 4-1 for and 1-4 against.

Prediction round up : erm ... just 4 out of 10 this week I’m afraid but we won and the nigels had two ‘men’ sent off and haven’t scored yet so who cares

Next week we travel to fourth placed Preston, with will be another tough test – keep ‘em coming that’s what the thirty ninth best league in the world is all about … UP THE ADDICKS

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