Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Former Addicks 4 – Current Addicks 0

Whilst we were struggling to keep a full team on the pitch, let alone score any goals, some of our ‘old boys’ were not having quite the same trouble ...
With new ginger signing Nicky Bailey coming in for Jonjo, Pardew pretty much resorted to the team that played our last friendly against Swansea a week earlier. Going back to what they used to do, did they ever stop?, a typically route one Watford goal where the keeper can claim the assist let Tommy Smith slip through a sleeping defence and past the rotund Weaver. Didn’t look / sound like a great game from what I heard / read etc so both teams will have to pull their socks up sharpish if they want to get back to the big money. Shame to see R Kelly sent off and, whilst I’m not one of the majority of supporters who believes every decision should be in their favour I did feel he was harshly dismissed. Nice to see Nicky Weaver making a quality save too ... sadly I predicted a single goal defeat but then my prophecys were correct in 9 of the 10 matches with only the draw at Norwich beating me. We now sit a sad 20th with no goals or points yet. Next up Reading ... bugger!!
So 2 wins, 4 points and top of the table show that life can only get better after dowie. Barnsley’s Howard scored with a beautifully timed run but it was Coventry’s Eastwood who stole the show with a goal and an assist – and 1 of the 8 cards (7 yellow + 1 red) shared out during the match. Next up for the early leaders are Bristol City so I can see them extending this run.
The late kick off for sky saw some nice open play down the right lead to a good goal for City – only for Manager’s son Lee Johnson to give the ball away for the equiliser – oh dear son!
2 games, 2 goals, that’s our Kev – the model of consistency – if only! So Burnley are rooted to the bottom with nil points and -6 goal diff whilst arguments must have been abound in Suffolk as to whether Kev’s scoring fetes after heading in (again) after a rebound or the skydiver landing on the roof of the stand was the most bizarre act of the afternoon – welcome to the wacky world of Ipswich Town!
‘highight’ of this match has to be the miss by Lupoli which would even have made geoff thomas whinge ... oh dear
PRESTON 2 – croydon 0
Preston move to second with a fine win ... what can I say ... nothing that would make this any better that’s for sure ... well done North End
Next weeks visitors to the Valley pick up a good win with Sonko scoring two headers and former Addick (and fanit chav) Leroy Lita trying his hand with a spectacular overhead volley
I’ll avoid the sharp / blade puns and say the hat trick was a header, a composed strike from the edge and a scrappy finish to seal it ... all together now, ‘let’s all laugh at dowie’
An entertaining and lively match saw my pre season picks to win the league continue in fine form, but the Saints looked half decent too. A few disallowed offside goals, a rare actual goal for former Addicks defender Chris Perry and some great play from ex goner Quincey and Jerome showed that you can play attractive football and win at this level. I’ve got to say from what I’ve seen of Quincey in the past and this season Birmingham could have a potential star on their hands here . Oh yeah and the usual (well two weeks anyway) Kevin Phillips coming off the bench to score the winner ... are you Solskjaer in disguise?

Having won 4-1 last week Wednesday were on the receiving end this week, despite taking an early lead. Big jock and former Addick Chris Iwelumo notched a couple with a cleanly won header (what?) and running through with pace (what?) to tap in a rebound off the post ... Lisbie, Perry and Iwelumo all score, sorry gotta go and lie down!


Anonymous said...

Either i'm missing the joke or you're very confused.
We have played two league games. Won one, Home V Swansea. Lost one, Away V Watford. Three points, two goals for, one goal against.

Second Division And Proud said...

sorry daggs ... missing the 'joke' ;-) try reading the first post - inspired by 'arry and ken ... enjoy my mad world

Anonymous said...

Oh i see!!
As it happens i get a bit cheesed off with Welsh teams in the English league. Particularly when they start bleating about qualifying for Europe because their Welsh not English.
So we have a Second Division minus Cardiff and Swansea?
Slightly deranged, but i'll go with it!