Thursday, August 21, 2008


These two ‘gentlemen’ sit near me and my friend at the Valley and, if you weren’t trying to watch your beloved Addicks in action every week they’d probably be very amusing. Each week they talk the same old tripe, including a suspiciously high volume of tottingham hotspurs discussion (!?!) before starting to discuss what time train to get home ... in the 50th minute ... aren’t the train routes and times the same every week? Bloody hell!
Anyway, I have to put up with them, so you will share in moments of their madness / genius ... you decide!
Quote of the match against swansea ... ‘It’s (the midfield) never been the same since Kishishev left’ Fair enough you may say (although I know many would disagree with differing aspects of this statement) but ... these two guys never, ever, never, ever said a single good word about the Bulgarian workhorse in all the time he stomped around the valley. Even when he’d run 60 yards to make a goal saving challenge they’d say he was out of position or the like ... aaaaargh, another season of this drivel ... good job they sell alcohol at half time ... Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Statler and Waldorf

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