Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Whilst it's great to see Pedro45 and Charlton North Downs sign up to JOIN THE REVOLUTION I have to say this isn't quite what I had in mind!

Money or no money (and I'm still staying fairly tight lipped on the subject as my heart and head battle it out) we want an Italian Stallion not a north london gypsy donkey thank you very much!

Still today brings even more twists in the middle eastern (i've noticed as predicted that tickets are already more expensive in the middle east stand anyway) saga with west spam entring the fray - what are they going to do? Buy enough English clubs to form their own league?

Don't count your Robins just yet I've thought all along but it could prove to be a very interesting evening in Bromley tonight - might even pop along myself to see what our man somewhere near the top has to say - and I don't mean Ben Hayes ;-)


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