Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, if the money comes in maybe but at the moment it’s looking more like pigmies. (no offence intended to Gary Johnson) I know I love ‘lil old’ Charlton but third division wasn’t quite what I had in mind L I’d much rather love ‘new bigger and better’ Charlton as I said last week. It could have been a bad omen as my train departed London Bridge and I glanced over the shoulder of the young lady next to me to see the TV page in her paper and there he was – hairy Bristolian Justin Lee Collins, not just looking, but beaming back at me with a huge smile. Don’t get me wrong I quite like the guy but all that goes out the window when it’s football and he was clearly taunting me with his knowing smile. ‘You used to be good, but now your shit’ I could almost here him singing from the printed page – as his locals did later on last night. They were right, we used to be good and now we are shit – but then we’ve been shit before and good before that etc etc – and in fact I thought we started off pretty good. A solid formation and players trying to make a fist of it but as soon as a goal goes in the positive attitude the current Charlton manager talks about goes out of the window. Then at half time their guy does his business. He might be small in stature but I’m sure the city team sat up and listened to their boss as they came out and ripped us apart in the second half. Whereas DiCanio’s predecessor ... well who knows? I’m not going into too much detail but I felt Cranie was worse than poor, Bailey clearly not fit and Bouazza for all his running needs to look up / pass / hit the target occasionally. I give credit where it’s due (IMHO) to Luke Varney who chased the cause all night (as usual) and again was victim of his own versatility – but what happens in the West lower? He parries one ball in the wrong direction and gets slated!?! Give the guy a break – we’re all pissed off at the moment but let’s not attack our own players that are doing their job! I have to be honest and say I’m struggling to see where the points – or even goals - are coming from and with games now thick and fast we could slump even closer to the foot (20th now !!!! shitting hell we never saw that coming !!!)
I don’t suppose the board want any managerial uncertainty (ala Geordie Maggots) with an impending takeover but enough is enough – do something before it gets worse. It’s been said elsewhere that Kinsella / Parkinson couldn’t do any worse and I agree – it’s time to START THE REDVOLUTION !!!

PS – Did anyone sky+ Jamie Oliver last night? I wish I’d stayed in as apparently he was cooking roasted par deux duck.
And I’m not mentioning the insult that Leroy Lita scored a hat trick to put Norwich above us – doh!

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