Friday, October 10, 2008


With no football on this weekend I’m sure many of you, like I, will be wondering how to kill (nigels?) time before our beloved Charlton (or whichever second division team you support) grace the footballing arenas of England again. No ... oh well sod you then if you’ve already got a life. I have decided to take in a bit of culture and visit an art gallery. Being a complete novice in this area I consulted our trusty internet and googled a few bits and pieces ... after my wrist recovered I found the painting shown here which is a 20th century work by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Its title directly translates into English as ‘alive [is] the life’ - meaning ‘long live life’. See, we’re all feeling uplifted already aren’t we ... no? Then I shall continue. Actually, this is a myth – the painting in question is actually entitled ‘Liberty Leading the People’ by French artist Eugène Delacroix and depicting the July Revolution of 1830. (See where I’m going now?). Viva la vida is actually by Kahlo but is a painting of melons ... no not them ... yawn! Anyway I discovered neither piece resides in the UK so I’d have to make do with some other art. Meanwhile I discovered that save the world single handidly / actress marrying / miserable sod / head up my own arse Bono ... sorry, I meant the lovely Chris Martin of Coldplay – has written a toon with said title. His lovely jaunty ‘all the melons I have seen’ is due to be released sometime soon but Viva La Vida you will probably have heard of. In case not here’s some of the lyrics to help jog your memory?

I used to rule the world (sorry Chris – thats Take That / manu)
Zhi would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone (well at least you’re getting some sleep ... ask pardew or Ambrose)
Sweep the streets I used to own (bit like Paddy Powell but without the mower then?)

I used to roll the dice (Two 6’s – you’re starting today Luke)
Feel the fear in my enemies eyes (but who are our enemies and who are our friends – and who do we keep closer)
Listen as the crowd would sing: (well North upper anyway)
"Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!" (I’ll leave you to think about this one for now)

I’m sure our manager doesn’t really roll dice to pick the team and there’s loads more great lines there about Romans and Revolutions (wonder where that could go? - seriously I couldn’t make this class stuff up) but enough for this culture robin today. Enjoy your weekend off everyone and remember it’s only art!

Alright I confess (I wasn’t expecting the Spanish inquisition – but then nobody does) I’m going to the zoo with the kids –
JOIN THE (Gorillas of the) REVOLUTION!

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