Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For those art buffs out there, this is the real Viva La Vida painting which explains why the boys from Coldplay used the title but not the painting. Anyway, he’s a bloody soothsayer that bleeding Chris Martin you know. If I wrote something on my hand in felt tip? Bugger all chance of it happening. He writes ‘Zabeel = CAFC’ one day and what do you flipping well know? Anyway, still trying to not get to involved / excited / worried / whatever by all the fuss and nonsense I’ve been listening to his pop toons again this morning and keep hearing a voice in my head (but that’s the schizophrenia – two Andy Goram’s and all that). Still might be worth a try - I’m going to write Gillian Anderson = Bed, Paulo = Valley and start talking in a slightly posher accent, which won’t be ‘ard.

One minute I held the key (Still do but I’d try and hold on tight if I was you pardew)
Next the walls were closed on me (Erm yes they certainly are)
And I discovered that my castles stand (Stop talking about bloody west spam will you?)
Upon pillars of salt, and pillars of sand (Is that code for Norf of the river because I’m with Blackheath Addicted on this one)
I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing (That’s Dubai – not Jerusalem)
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing (That’s Paulo’s crew – move over)
Be my mirror my sword and shield (Too late to bring the sword into it – you’re off matey)
My missionaries in a foreign field (Yes a lot of Addicks dreaming of European trips now)
For some reason I cannot explain (Well you could but you’d only contradict yourself)
Once you know there was never, never an honest word (You said it)
That was when I ruled the world (That was when! Yes the time is coming – JOIN THE REVOLUTION !!!)

On other football / music related news I’m contemplating putting all my Smiths / Mozza records on ebay soon if anyone’s interested ... heaven know’s he’ll be miserable ... don’t do it Mozza, we implore you ... no chance of him down at the Valley with the Sheiks coming in?


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