Wednesday, September 24, 2008


WTF ... through a forced abstenance from the modern world I’m just catching up with emails, results, news, free porn and shopping but not necessarily in that order. So what’s been occurring in my absence? Well same old really – or is it? Wolves have carried on winning with Big Chris scoring a hat trick (ad getting sent off!) and ... well there normal service stops ... Charlton pick up 3 away points against Donny and the trees, Brum lose, Preston lose (now only Micks boys remain undefeated in div 2 and open up a 2 point lead) while Watford and Burnley both beat first division teams in the league cup – Jesus H Corbett what is going on in the world, all the above and financial / political turmoil worldwide ... still we can rely on pardew still being in charge at Charlton :-( and the nobs from surrey still bottom of the league :-)
Good luck to Rangers and Ipswich in the cup tonight ... (ab)normal service will be resumed soon ... for now I merely update the REAL league table

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