Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And They’re (almost) Off

So here we are, after two months of euro pansies, cr*ck@t and wimbledon the reds return with proper football ... hoorah I here you join me? Well it might be hoorah tonight when we carry out the standard drumming of non league Welling (well usually anyway) but last night saw a Charlton XI crash 1-0 away to Bromley. Not that the result matters of course at this stage – it’s about fitness, formation, etc etc ... or so they say

Well despite being tempted by a ‘goal-laced evening’ by the official site it seems like a rather low key affair apart from the heralding of the new kit, which I actually rather like for a change over recent years. With Phil Parkinson and Mark Kinsella taking control (at the Valley?) Charlton fans were able to see some new faces (and some not so new but mainly young) in the new kit.

A young and mainly reserve team (yes that includes you Jerome!) failed to manage a goal amongst them despite promising non league statistics from debutant Stuart Fleetwood (36 for Forest Green 2007/08), Chris Dixon (31 for Dulwich Hamlet 2006/07) and trialist Sean Canham (41 for Team Bath 2007/08). Good news to here Fleetwood, who I expect will feature against Welling with the current injuries up front, to make an impressive debut but ... what is this recent trend with buying non league strikers? Can players really make the jump 3 or more leagues up at a time o the second division? I’m not so sure but glad to be proved wrong if only one in three make it. However when some other strikers (you choose from the list) fail to make the step up from second division to ... erm second division I feel I may be right. Dickson and Basey both hit the post but that appears to have been it I’m afraid.

With Elliot in goal and Binks on the bench it will be interesting with the other young studs and possible signings to see who will be number 1 and number 2 number 1 (if you know what I mean) at the Valley this season ... but that’s a discussion for another day. Other interesting thing was that Jonjo Shelvey warmed the bench all night so hopefully he’ll be featuring tonight against Welling and more often in the coming months.

So it’s of to Welling tonight and I’m afraid I won’t be there due to work commitments but hopefully the lads can start to gain a bit of momentum, fitness, camaraderie and confidence after all the pies ad tequilas of the summer.

If only they could have had Jar Jar Binks in goal, I’m sure nothing would get past those ears ... see y’all soon


StoneMuse said...

welcome to the charlton blogs sdap. I don't get too much time to update mine but always enjoy reading the others.

StoneMuse said...

Added you as a link to my blog.

Second Division And Proud said...

thanks for the feedback stonemuse ... and especially the link ... i've done the same ... up the addicks !!!