Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where will it all end? (part 1)

Jimminy Cricket (or any other associated boring sport for that matter) I hear you say (well all 2 of you who found / read the first blog (thanks for the link Pedro45) it’s back for more … a ground breaking 2nd blog from 2dap! Well maybe not but here anyway is my second blog – enjoy ;-)

So, with the slightly different set of rules for the league* having been established I’m going to try and predict where everyone will finish.
* That’s no foreign teams and the correct title of second division having been restored … hell I’m even going to go as far as 2 points for a win – any other suggestions?

First of all I took about 2 minutes to divide the teams into groups when I got in from the pub last night (a little worse the wear from my old mate Nelson!) That didn’t prove very successful as I basically had Charlton and Birmingham in group 1, croydon planks in group 3 and everyone else in group 2 so I thought I’d start again. Well not quite – my first prediction is that the blue nosers will run away with the second division – much in the same way as we did last year ;-) My second prediction is that Charlton will finish 7th but that’s as much down to wishful thinking and my backward psychology as anything else (more to follow on that another day) – if you want reasoned debate my friends then try my friends – you’re in the wrong bar here.

Having regrouped the teams when slightly more complus mentus I’ve come up with the chasing pack of …
Derby, Norwich, QPR , Reading, Sheff U and Watford. So putting them into order we have the following –

2nd = Watford … should have learnt the lessons of being almost over confident of pissing the league last year (sound familiar pardew?)
3rd = Derby … have been playing 2nd division football since November so the drop won’t be any problem to them
4th = QPR … surely that money’s gotta pay off? Maybe not in the real second division hey flavio!
5th = Reading … Coppell seems to be keeping most of the team together and they should do well at this level (where they’ve always belonged)
6th = Norwich … because I really like Norwich … the city, the day out there, the ground, Delia, the broads, Great Yarmouth, the yellow kit, the long bar … I could go on but you’d think I was on the turn
7th = Charlton … just where we (well I) want to be but that’s for another day
8th = Sheff U … as the old boxing phrase goes they could be contenders … repeat & fail each year

So that’s the top 8 – I’ll be back when I can be arsed with some more random scrawlings that might be vaguely Charlton related if you’re (un)lucky … Cheers

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