Saturday, July 12, 2008

Where will it all end? (part 2)

Having missed out on getting to Ebbsfleet (a long story I won’t bore anyone with here but I’m disappointed to have to wait another two weeks to see my beloved boys in red and white) I’ve decided not to write about the pre-season friendlies for now and concentrate on my second division predictions again. Anyway I’ll be seeing us take on Brighton, Bilbao (shouldn’t we get Bowyer back if Stallone’s coming to SE7?) and Swansea in friendlies ahead of the propa kick off fast approaching.

Moving onto the mid table I must admit it could be anyone’s game but here’s my opinion to be sniped, laughed and derided as seen fit by anyone who knows better ... Having picked the top eight, including CAFC here’s the next batch of division one wannabes...

9th = Ipswich ... always there or there about but not perhaps on a downward trend (?) for the team that brought us up to 5 players in a single match at recent points of history
10th = Wolves ... I wish it was lower but they have the money and support – let’s hope mccarthy feels like he’s mistakenly turned up to Roy Keane’s birthday party when he comes sarf again this season
11t = Southampton ... nothing to say really – former 1st division perennials, now nowhere men
12th = Bristol C ... no way they’re going to repeat last season’s feats but well done on the play off semis guys – mine’s a strongbow please Mr Lee Collins ;-)
13th = Coventry ... no dowie so a move in the right direction but not really going o achieve anything
14th = Barnsley ... this team is second division and proud – shouldn’t trouble either ends of the table and should stay here forever, lucky bastards ;-)
15th = Preston ... lost a good manager couple of years back and don’t look like reignighting the potential of one of the country’s most historic clubs

That’s all folks ... I’ll be back soon to put you out of your misery as to where the trees, seasiders and ladies from croydon will finish soon ... well when the money runs out, the pub kicks out and I’ve nothing else to do ... until then tara chuck


Kings Hill Addick said...

Despite being a bit late to discover your blog I have put up a link from mine.

Second Division And Proud said...

no worries - i've just started as you see i've linked to you too - cheers